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Passport Request for PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by ching008, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. Hi to all!
    I got a request letter yesterday for passport to complete the process of my PR application however only my son who is only 20 years old and I got the request and my wife and the 3 kids in minor ages didn’t get one. is it normal? or should i pass their passports along mine?
    And another one, me and my wife are currently in canada and kids are in philippines can they submit their passports separately in VAC manila?
  2. Call vac, you should be able to submit it in nearest vac.
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  4. Please I have a related but similar question my wife is the main applicant and she’s currently in Canada with with the permanent resident programme but because we had some issues she didn’t tell me she had the permanent resident approval. I just got to know she’s moved. What do I do because my name was on the application for the permanent resident
  5. Your problem is neither related nor similar. It seems like you have a domestic problem at hand that you need to resolve first.
    To apply for prtd you first need to have the copr which is either with your wife or was never applied for. Do you know for sure that your application was approved?

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