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Passport Application...Question

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by imran01, May 25, 2017.

  1. hi guys i have some question regarding Passport Application.. Answer will be appreciated..

    Adult Application:

    Regarding 3. Previous Canadian Travel Document..
    as for first time Passport Applicant..should i have to choose NO.. or CORP is also treated as Previous Canadian Travel Document ..and if answer is YES.. what i have to fill in the fields NUMBER and date of expiry..

    Regarding 5. Document to support identity.
    can i fill my Driver Licence detail in this. and if so.. do i need to have copy of driver licence duly certified by guarantor or if i go to passport office IN PERSON they check my original and gave back to be right away...

    personal experience answer will be much appreciated...
  2. i have one more question regarding my

    Minor Applicants checklist:

    Any Valid Canadian Travel Document : what i have to enclosed for that... coz PR they already took from me... is it CORP of my kid

    Acceptable proof of parentage: since my kid born in back home.. do they need BIRTH CERTIFICATE Duly translated..or CORP also shows my name as parent..is acceptable as proof.

    Thanks in Advance for any advice..
  3. yes print no

    yes u need guarantor to sign on ur dl copy back of one photo and on application and they check it
  4. explain in detail ?
  5. print no for u question 1

    and your secondq take guarantor sign where it is needed

    what else to explain in this ?

    evrything given in passport application instructions form
  6. Choose NO because it's your first passport
    Fill in your DL details but and take original with you, they will look at it and return.
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  7. CORP is treated as Previous Canadian Travel Document.. ?
  8. COPR is not a travel document. So the answer is No.
    Leave it as N/A. (or blank)

    Your child should have their birth certificate, and/or passport from country of origin can suffice as it has name of father in it.
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    Hi guys,

    We are a family of four, we are the same guarantor and referencex. Is that okay?
    Reference should be canadian citizen? Thank you for your reply.

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