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Parents Temporary Resident Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by harshk88, Oct 13, 2018.

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    Hello Friends,

    I am a PR in Canada.I just built a new home and planning to invite my parents for the temporary visit to Canada for house warming.

    My dad is a government employee and my mom is housewife.So my dad employer is not giving him No Objection Certificate to apply for his visa.Could someone please guide me,what to do in this situation.Is it mandatory to attach NOC while applying for visa.

    Also if someone can help me in some kind of invitation letter i can write to make applicants case strong at IRCC,it will be really helpful.

    Thank you.
  2. Yes, it is mandatory for a government employee in India to obtain a NOC to travel abroad. Otherwise it could be construed as absence without permission which could result in disciplinary action.

    Invitation letters have little impact in a decision. The key criteria are the strong ties that your parents can demonstrate to India + their financial situation + a short visit
  4. Your dad must prove his employment ties for a TRV... but as a government employment, his employer is not willing to give him an NOC to travel abroad. Do you see the problem in this?

    If your dad defies his employer and applies for a visa, it could cause serious problems, including the possibility of losing his job or worse, a case could be registered against him
  5. My parent got visitor visa in march 2018, they did not travel yet can they visit next year???
  6. Sure. Anytime as long as their visas are valid

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