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Parents sponsorship

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by sisasina57, May 15, 2019 at 10:47 AM.

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    Hi All
    I got this letter yesterday :

    We have reviewed your application and regret to advise that you are not an eligible sponsor for the following reason(s):
    Pursuant to regulation ,you do not meet the minimum necessary income requirement. Please refer to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations below for details.
    You indicated on your sponsorship application that you wish to continue with its processing regardless of any ineligibility. As such, the Application for Permanent Residence for your relative(s) has been forwarded to a visa office abroad for consideration.
    Your ineligibility to sponsor will be a significant factor in the assessment of the Application for Permanent Residence for your relative(s). A final decision regarding that application shall be made by a visa officer and will be communicated to you and your relative. Instructions regarding the Right to Appeal will be issued as applicable by the visa office. Please note that the Right to Appeal may only be exercised after the visa officer has rendered a final decision.
    I applied in 2018
    For 2015 and 2017 my income is good .They are talking about 2016 which recently (2 weeks ago) has been adjusted when I asked them to re adjusted on Sep 2018.
    Now base on CRA notice of re assessment my 2016 income is good and ok now

    Should I contact visa officer and submit this new document ? or any idea ???

  2. Was it a valid adjustment to your 2016 income that you asked for? If it was not valid, you can expect heavy scrutiny from IRCC and perhaps a tax audit from CRA.
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  3. Yes It was valid .
  4. You can try to submit the revised NOA but be prepared for IRCC to think that you have submitted something false just to increase your 2016 income.

    Why didn't you adjust your income in 2016 earlier? You'll need to be ready to explain why you only did it after you realized you didn't have enough income to sponsor your parents.
  5. I do have supporting document enough .Thanks for your reply .
  6. Supporting documents is one thing , non disclosure of income at time of filing, and then realizing it 2 years later just so too bump up the income , is a whole other ball of wax .The IRCC is not naive , neither is the CRA. They will just do a trail audit to see if the income declared is legitimate, and if it is , why was the taxpayer non compliant
    Good luck
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  7. You can try and submit the documents, but technically on the date of application you didn’t meet the income requirements. They might accept your reassessment, but I suspect they could still refuse your application.
  8. Why did you not adjust your income until now? Do you have a strong explanation for that? IRCC (and CRA!) are going to want to know why you're only adjusting income now.
  9. Also anticipate they will ask for your 2018 income if you appeal the refusal.

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