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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019


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Apr 30, 2013
For PCC- try BLS center, please confirm by calling them (I got my PCC when I applied for my PR)
For relationship- I submitted the birth certificate (translated in English) and Copy of Indian passport pages showing my Mother's name. If don't have either you can get a relationship affidavit done in India.
I did submit birth certificate and passport page,not sure why they are asking for it.


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Aug 6, 2015
Can u share format of affidavit. .. I also need to prepare one for my parent's
Format: I, Applicant Name, son of.., Religion, aged .., residing at .. do hereby solemnly affirm and sincerely state as follows:
1. I state that I am the deponent herein and I am well acquainted with the facts stated below.
2. I state that I, Name, was born on.. at ..
3. That my birth has not been registered in the records of the .. Corporation, and as such, I am unable to get my Birth Certificate from .. Corporation as it was not found in the records.
4. That my name and DOB are available in my school and College Education certificates and further depose that my identity and DOB are also printed in my passport No.. which is issued by passport authority of (country).
5. I swear that this affidavit is for the the proof of my DOB (i.e. ..) and also to submit the same before the concerned authorities.
6. I further declare that I furnish this affidavit for the purpose of application to Canadian permanent residence in lieu of my birth certificate
7. I state that the above details furnished by me are true and correct,and if anything stated above is found to be false and wrong, I shall be held responsible for all consequences arising out of the statement herein made above.

Deponent signature.

Verification by the Notary officer:..
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Aug 6, 2015
My mother has visited a couple of west african countries (Nigeria and Benin) multiple times since my dad was working there. But she never stayed more than 6 months consecutively. I hope she doesn't have to provide PCCs for these countries correct?


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Jun 17, 2019
Thanks for sharing.
But are you guys applying for extension while they are in canada (visitor record) or renewal of visitor visa from home (i.e. visit visa is expiring soon)?
in case of renewal of visit visa what are the chances? any idea ..
I applied for visitor record to extend their stay for another 3 months so they could wait for COPR and complete their landing here in Canada.

I haven't come across any post in this forum where people need to renew visitor visa for parents while PR in progress to help you with relevant info, but my guess is that you'd face the same challenges as applying for visitor visa when spousal sponsorship in progress. As there is an explicit intention to immigrate with PR application in progress, you probably need to prove much stronger ties to home country (compared to visitor visa without PR application). You might also want to highlight your parents' eligibility for PR approval (medical passed, clean PCC etc.) to show that it's in their interest to comply with visa terms and not jeopardize their good chance of being approved for PR down the road.


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Oct 26, 2019
Hi all,
Please add me as a new line entry.
Courier delivered application June 28th, so I may be one of the last applicants in.
No AOR or ECAS yet.
I did contact IRCC via webform out of paranoia that I had botched things up, but they did respond on 12/31/2019 stating that I am still pending processing (hence no AOR), but still within processing times. So i think that means i'm still in the queue and haven't missed the ship.

Sponsored people: Parents
Parents' Country of Citizenship: Botswana
Province: ON
Invitation to Apply Received: Apr 24, 2019
Hi! How long it will take for webform responds?


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Apr 20, 2008

My parents were asked to go for additional tests on 17th sep and they did go for on 20th sep and they were told everything is fine. But now it's been more than 3 months and when I called cic they said they r still working on medicals. Anybody is going through this?


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Mar 23, 2016
Hi how did you get your mother’s medical and biometrics done . My parents are also in canada and we got New Delhi visa office . Just wondering how did u get their medical and biometrics done and how did u sent the passport?
Biometrics were done in the Service Canada office or you can say Canada passport office. Medicals were also done in Mississauga. you need to go to the panel physician listed in the IME request letter.

i have not received PPR yet

Vic R

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Mar 23, 2016
Today I received acknowledgment from NDVO about PCC and Travel History form. ( NDVO took almost 2 month to respond)


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Aug 28, 2015
Hello Guys

I received request to submit medicals for my parents on Dec 6 2019.
Same were submitted on Dec 10, however my cic account tracker says,

Review of medical results Help - Review of medical results
  • We have requested a medical exam. Check your messages below for details.
Does any one from experience know how long it takes to get the status of medicals submission.

Appreciate help in advance.


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Mar 15, 2013
Visa Office......
New Delhi
NOC Code......
Job Offer........
App. Filed.......
IELTS Request
Sent with Application
Hello Everyone, I received request to submit All pages of passport, biometric, PCC, CV/Resume, Supplementary Information - Your Travels (IMM 5562) and some additional country specific documents. Everything is completed except birth certificate.

Question - My parents do not have birth certificates. So, what other document I can submit? Did anyone from India used Aadhaar Card?


Jan 2, 2020

I applied for my mom and the application has been in process since October 2, 2019 for the sponsor portion. Any thoughts?


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Dec 3, 2019
Visa Office......
New delhi
Hi, i have a question. I didn't received request for medical or biometric yet, can i do the exams upfront since my parents are in Canada visiting me.
Yes you can.
As per the Cic website you can do a medical exam without instructions to expedite the process. I came acroos this information a little late as my parents have already passed medical.

Only spouse category is excluded as they have to wait for instructions from Cic.
Hope this helps!