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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Amigo30, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Hello Members

    Please advise- My parents (currently in India)will be visiting me by November end on Visitor Visa in Canada. They got selected under 2018 PGP which is currently under process.(Medical etc done -result awaited ).When we applied for PGP sponsorship they were in India with indian mailing address .

    Now they will be staying with me in Canada-ON for 5-6 months.
    My question is do I need to inform IRCC about their arrival in Canada and/or any other information I need to update them with?
    Will the overall process for granting PR status be affected if they continued staying in Canada?

    Thank you
  2. I guess so, they requested for medical, police clearance and passport all within 30 days.
    They instructed us to upload the RPRF, medicals and police clearance before sending the passport to VFS.
  3. when they request for passports, they give you option to submit in India or Ottawa if they are already in Canada.
    no impact to their processing and you don’t need to update them on their arrival to Canada.
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  4. How about visa exempt passport?

    Will they just send the COPR out to PA's current address?
  5. Hello Friends,
    PCC should we email to the CIC mailing address and also post them at Mississauga office or only email should be fine?
    Also did anyone send all pages of Passport copies to them?
  6. not quite sure for visa exempt. I know they definitely get issued COPR but don’t know if they ask for passports for issuing COPR or send it to them.
    May be someone with similar case on the forum can answer if they got option.
  7. UPDATE on Status (London LVO)
    Line 34 - Vertig0

    Today recieved passport request

    March 20th - Invitation email for PGP 2018
    April 11th - Application mailed
    April 13th - Application delivered
    April 19th - AOR Email

    June 6th - Request for additional document (Death Certificate)
    June 7th - Faxed death certificate

    June 28th - SA (Sponsorship Approved). Application forwarded to local office (London)

    Dec 5th - Online shows "We started processing your application Dec 5th, 2018

    Feb 25th, 2019 - Request for following
    a. Medical
    b. PCC
    c. Travel history
    d. Military service history
    e. Death certificate (again?)
    f. Sponsor marriage certificate

    Mar 15 - Medical done
    Mar 25 - Updated Medical received

    April 16 - Updated Medical passed

    May 30 - Invitation to Pre-arrival services

    June 7 - Request to submit newly filled and signed IMM5669 Schedule A Background Declaration- instructions to disregard last 10 year period and fill from the age of 18

    Jul 10 - Request to submit IMM5562: Supplementary Information - Your Travels Please provide details of any travels from 2019/03 to present

    Nov 15 - Passport request
    Online tool shows Decision made
    GCKey shows background in process

    *Note- I believe delay is due to longer background check (military background)

    Only NOA provided (no SIN)
    Country of citizenship - Pakistan
    Province - AB
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  8. Congratulations.

    So London office took 8 months to just request PCC medical stuff phew
  9. Finally movement from Ottawa...(after 5 months and 3 days from the background check and additional doc review)

    "Decision Made" for Applicant on Nov. 12.
    "Passport Request" for Visa on Nov. 14.

    @YULIA-2016: please update for line 222
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  10. Sorry i have no information. That is what i have listed in my previous post. Here it is again

    Sorry i have no information. I think it is varying for 2018 applicant. Not sure why.

    You can check the time lines in Excel sheet , link is in my signatures. You can estimates from there. It should not take more than 2-3 months. But for police and Military background it is more. Some one told me for police it was 1 year.

    I m waiting.

    Hope this would help
  11. I finally have an update!

    October 8 - police certificate request
    November 15 - status tool changed to Decision made for the principal applicant

    I received a medical surveillance undertaking form. It says that landing in Canada is conditional upon reporting to a provincial health clinic within 30 days of the admission to Canada as a permanent resident. Does this mean a separate health exam is required once they arrive in Canada (I thought OHIP coverage does not begin right away)?

    Other than this medical undertaking form, I didn't receive any correspondence or instructions. Is the next step waiting for a pre-arrival service letter or passport request?

    @YULIA-2016 can you please update row 240?

    Thank you.
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  12. Yes OHIP will not start for 3 months but your family must report to public health. Public health usually has their own budget and reporting doesn’t mean that you will have to pay for any tests. Would wait and see what happens. Canada just wants to keep track of those who have a communicable disease or a potential communicable disease. For example if you test HIV+ in Canada your status is reported to public health. It’s not optional so not much your family can do about it if they want to move to Canada.
  13. Congratulations! Hopefully ours won’t take too long now. Bgc into 2 months. Hope they give it to us as a Christmas present and not drag us into 2020.
  14. hello everyone,
    Does anyone knows how to do biometric for parents which I filed in 2018. It was not mandatory at the time of submission but now DELHIIMMIGRATION request PCC, travel form and use of representative form. medical has been submitted. Do I wait for biometric instruction letter?
    or Can someone suggest how to pay fees? Thanks in advance.
  15. no need to submit biometrics if you are 2018 applicant from India.

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