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Paper cic File May-June 2018 Application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ammann, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Hi let’s share ur timeline
    File sent may 25
    Received by CIC May 29
    Waiting for AOR
  2. Hi
    File sent june 19
    Received by CIC June 2
    Waiting for AOR
  3. Hi
    File sent June 19
    Received by CIC June 21
    Waiting for AOR
  4. Mine is june 25...Have u recieved AOR
  5. Still nothing
  6. be in touch....out time is almost same
  7. Received my AOR today
  8. Recieved my AOR today bro
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  9. Any one get medical after March 2018 AOR
  10. January 2018 are waiting for medical
  11. Hi
    AOR Aug 14,2018
    Waiting for medical
  12. File sent June 2nd
    Received by CIC June 7th
    Is AOR the same as Application Number? If so I got that on Aug 2nd.
    Submitted my FBI background info in Oct
    Waiting for next steps.
  13. AINP inland

    AOR Aug 3d
    Medical upfront Nov 1st
    No updates yet
    Hoping to receive good news before Chtistmas
  14. Received my request for medical testing today. Need to submit by January 5th

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