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Paper-based PNP, CIC Stage 2017, post your timeline here!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Georgesand, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just submitted my papers to CIO yesterday. If anyone also applied this year, post your timeline here! :)
  2. Please update your details here: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/paper-based-pr-applications-tracker
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  3. We have also watsapp group for paper based applicants - so if you want to join just leave your request here and i will add you.
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  4. Please add me on whatsapp my number 00917899209122
  5. 5878895202 add me
  6. Thanks for sharing the tracker! I also sent you a PM ;)
  7. hi,

    I have a close relative in Manitoba and currently i am having a score of 584 in the EOI pool .I have created profile in december yet i have not recieved any EOI from the authorities .What are my chances of getting a EOI from the manitoba ? Also is there any chanced of getting EOI in April Draw .

    Thanks vishal
  8. Invites sent guys!
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  9. Guys join the group and the thread.

    It makes sense to keep the Paper based applicants together based on the year rather than month-by-month, as processing takes roughly 1 year plus.

    Join in.
  10. Please add me +91 9910310554
  11. invite sent.
  12. Hi.. Whish is this group??
  13. Hi when did you submit file at cic level

    Thanks in advance for your response
  14. Not received the invite.
  15. CIC received my application on 13.2.2017

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