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Pakistani applicants applying study permit for Jan intake gather here.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by hussainkestrel, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Lets share the statuses of our applications and if someone got the visa, kindly share your stats please.
  2. What's your university name and what's your visa status ?
  3. University of Waterloo. Background check. Waiting for medical.
  4. Can you please share your profile Hussain
  5. Mostly A/A*s in A/Olevels.
    Waterloo for CS (unconditional letter of acceptance)
    Fees for one full academic year paid.
    IELTS 8 with no band less than 7.
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  6. I submitted my paper based application on 10 Oct for January 2018 intake at FDU.
    Fee fully paid, ielts 7, applied for Whole family together.
    Lets see!
  7. Are you applying for master? Any updates?
  8. Did you pay the fee for the first academic year? Also how much did you show in bank account?
  9. I paid full two years fee. Bank account ha 60000 CAD.
    Actually I have scholarship from my employer that’s why full fee has been paid
  10. Yes for Master of Administative science
  11. What is the status of your application?
  12. Guys anyone else who has applied, kindly share the status of your application, has the eligibility review started?
  13. At VAC Islamabad
  14. When did you apply? Have you completed biometrics?
  15. 10 th Oct
    Yes biometric done

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