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OWP with Spousal Sponsorship April 2019!

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by adarsh1991, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I recently applied for the Common law inland permanent Immigration with the Open work permit attached with all the application fees paid for the OWP + PR while being on the post-graduate work permit in Canada which is expiring this April 11th. I have two Questions here:
    1.) Since I already sent my application and it has been received April 5th, I am entering Implied status, right? that means I still Continue to be on the Open Work permit and Continue Working?
    2.) How long is the validity of OWP usually issued under Common law Indland?

    good luck on your applications all!!
  2. 1. Yes you are on implied status. If however, the application is returned for any reasons after April 11, you will be out of status. (Hopefully you signed all forms by hand esp sch A, and paid the right amount for OWP 255 as these have been the common reasons for applications to be returned)
    2 OWP is usually for 2 years, ow when you passport expires if its less than that.
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  3. Hi,

    I have one more question related to the OWP.
    - Do I need to have a NOC O, A, B Occupation just to get an Open Work permit or Can I Benefit from the other NOC Jobs while My OWP application is under process? Just wondering
  4. thank you for the information. much appreciated :)
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  5. Hello everybody,

    Is it possible to apply for the owp with the spousal sponsorship if i already have a pgwp that will expire in more than 10 months..whats gonna happen they will issue me a new one or they will wait until my pgwp expire to send me a new one ? Thanks a lot !
  6. Yes, you can apply. They would issue a new OWP within 2-4 months and cancel the PGWP.
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