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OWP Condition

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by apatel86, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    My Spousal PR application is in process , In mean time I have been approved with OWP with condition " Not authorized to work in Health service field occupations"- I am wondering, If I can work as a Clinical research Assistant position? This post has no connection with patient neither working in any hospital/Clinic.. It has everything to do with Office assistant role where Hospital/clinical doctor's and facility datas are death with. Absolutely no physical visit or contact with patient or even doctors. And its all phone and email communication to clinic/hospital facility to get clinical research at Hospital/Clinic before research patient gets involved. Please help
  2. You just need to do a medical and flagpole and the condition will be removed.
  3. What is flagpole? So I don’t have to resend application to remove the condition on my WP?
  4. Going to the border. Then the condition can be removed that day.
  5. Anyone has done this recently?
    As I got to know they do medical only upon receipt of medical request letter from immigration!
  6. search the forum. Lots of examples.
  7. So shall I do medical and then go to border or just simply go to border?
  8. Yes. I'd encourage you to read through the forum. Lots of similar cases. You'll need to bring your wp, passport, etc... Common issue. It is really just to make sure you don't have a communicable disease.
  9. I tried to find through Forums but couldn't locate, Would u mind sending me the link please?
  10. How long did it take you to get our OWP approval?

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