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Owner operator LMIA, Work permit and PR

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by canadavisaQs, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I am going to create this thread to document my entire journey of applying for LMIA, getting a work permit and then eventually getting PR for Canada.

    Age - 33
    Nationality - Indian
    Dependents - 2 (Spouse and Child)
    EE Score - around 350 (Because of no academic qualifications)
    IELTS - 7.5 overall

    Visitor visa Denied (May 2019)
    I was recently denied a Visitors visa to Canada, which i applied myself using the online portal. I have traveled to at least 20 countries with at least 20 trips in last 10 years to US. The reason for denial was standard letter "We don't feel you will return to your home country". In retro-respect, i feel the application was denied because i didn't provide enough documents (or any documents for that matter). I have visas for a lot of countries and i thought based on travel history, any documents showing financial stability or ties to my home country won't be required (lesson learned). I could easily apply again with a good supporting set of documents but my attorney that is doing the LMIA and work permit is suggesting i must wait and just focus on LMIA application.

    LMIA Application and process (Started in May 2019, submitting application around Aug 20th 2019)
    Started this process around end of may and last 3 months has been just going back and forth between attorney and there team to create business plan and provide support documents for Owner operated LMIA application as a owner in BC with Salary of $55 per hour (High wage category).

    According to my attorney this type of application is expedited and gets a decision in 10 Business days, but lately they have been seeing applications taking as long as 4 weeks.

    We should be faxing in the application from my attorney's office sometimes next week (Aug 19 to Aug 23 2019).

    I have opened a bank account in Canadian Bank, and sent $150,000 to my account as proof of funds for the business, we will be attaching this to LMIA application.

    Feel free to ask questions or provide any feedback you might have.
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  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for posting your comments and your experience here. I am interested in this type of application too. Did you apply yourself?
    I am interested to know what percentage of the business you own? And if it was related to your previous job expertise that you have?
  3. I am applying through a law firm, they created a business plan and complete file and they will fax the full application.

    This is a new business and i will own 100% of the company. I do own a similar business in US and i currently live in India. So its a same business with new company in canada.
  4. Thanks for the reply. We want to try to send the application ourselves, but the instruction on cic website is not really clear
  5. Hi,
    My parents are planing to do the same thing, can you help me with the firm name please? You can send the name in a direct message to me.
    I will really appreciate it.

  6. i don't mind sharing the firm name, but for the price i paid, i am not happy with the work they are doing. It has been extremely Slow. As you can see my original 15th Saying we are submitting application in a week and its still not submitted yet.

    I think you are better off avoiding them.
  7. Thanks for the honest advice.
    Since I’m in Canada, I do my best to find a good lawyer.
    However I don’t know how a startup is going to pay them a consistent wage salary, if you know anything about that please let me know.
    Or else I would buy a running business.
  8. Sorry, i don't understand your question. Can you explain a bit more?
  9. Update

    Application Submitted successfully via Fax on Sep 20th 2019
  10. hi,

    who has written the business plan for you?
    i have started the process of in cooperation and business plan in progress. Would like to know more details?
  11. Does it matter what is the nature of Business you propose? Also what is expected timeline for decision once submitted and received..Thanks
  12. The business plan was written by a company that does this full time. I provided them a lot of information regarding my business and they turned it into a very nice presented business plan. If you need info of the firm, feel free to PM me and i will be happy to share.

    I also did the corporation myself and thats fairly simple process.
  13. I think there are some categories restricted for this type of visa. For sure, Retail is one of them, so you can't say you are going to operate/own a gas station, grocery store, etc.

    The expected time line is roughly 10-15 business days. It has been over 15 business days now with no update from Service Canada.
  14. Update

    Service canada claims to have a decision made for these types of Visas within 10 business days since its NOC 0013 and salary is over $60 an hour. Since its been more than 10 business days, i followed up with Service canada via phone call and they requested a written letter suggesting urgent decision to be made on this particular application.

    Letter was submitted via fax on October 11 2019 and they are obligated to respond to this letter within 15 business days. So expecting some sort of reply by November 1st 2019.
  15. Since i have been through the entire process myself, i feel i can do the same if i had to now. So feel free to PM me for any help you need sending application yourself.

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