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outland application + signing a lease


Mar 3, 2019
AOR Received.
Hi there,

My husband and I live in the US, so I understand that with my application, I would have to provide proof that I'm moving back to Canada. We're looking for an apartment so that we can sign a lease and move in when we get there, and also use the lease as proof that I'm going. What I'm wondering is whether his name could be on the lease if technically he's not supposed to be moving to Canada? I would sign it alone, but he's the one with the adequate salary, so I don't think I'll be able to secure a place if it's just me.


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Mar 1, 2019
You do not need the lease itself as proof of a move, especially since visa timelines are only estimates. You just need proof of the search for an apartment.

I'd strongly advise not signing a lease as proof for a visa application. What if the visa is delayed? You're stuck paying the lease.

If you are moving back to Canada on a set schedule no matter what, then just document it. His name on a lease won't hurt things if you already know you need to be in Canada when the lease starts, even if he doesn't join you then. (my fiancees name is on my lease and insurance)
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