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Out of status

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Hayley92, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. My spouse has lives in canada for since october the ending we have not applied for any other application now
    What can he Apply for
    How can he get back in status
    And can he get a work Permit
    We are gonna be doing common law Application can that be done
    He has a Eta thara good for 5 years its just like a visa and he got both his crimanl record check from uk ans canada
    What can be done appropriotly what can he apply for ?
  2. Hi

    1. Assuming he was admitted for 6 months on entry, he can't apply to restore his status.
    2. If you do an "inland sponsorship" he is not eligible for a work permit in Canada as he has no status . For a work permit, he would have to obtain an approved LMIA and apply outside Canada for the work permit, as he has overstayed, even with a LMIA it is unlikely he would receive a work permit.
    3. The ETA is inmaterial to his application.
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  3. Ok so in this situation what would be the best for my spous a the moment

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