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Our successful landing experience at the Rainbow Bridge


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Feb 22, 2017
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Hey guys!!
Even after reading other people's unsuccessful experiences landing at the Rainbow Bridge, we decided to give it a try because we don't drive so we can't go farther, right now I can't get on plane and appointments to do it internally take too long.

We decided to take the last go bus to Niagara on Monday night and arrived at 1:15am, went to a McDonald's that is open late and waited for the rain to stop. Then we walked to the Casino Niagara which is right in front of the bridge and spent some time there. Walked around and sit at a park until around 4:30am.

We wanted to go to the US, not only flag poled,and come back at around 7:30am but we were not able and they kept us there until around 6am and at the end gave us the flag poling document. We walked back to Canada and of course they didn't let us wait at the bridge for 2 hours, they told us to go flag poling again after 7am.

We waited some more and crossed the bridge at 7am again. At that time there were other people waiting to cross. In the US they gave us the document and we went back. This time they let us stand in line at the bridge until 8am when they started checking everybody's passports and directed us to go across the street to another building.

We were among the first 10 people in line and we were done at 9:30am! Once they called us it was very fast.

I noticed most of the people were there for work permits, post graduation work permit and I only heard of one other person waiting for pr landing. In my humble opinion, people should apply online for those instead of doing it at a port of entry, no wonder the officers don't want to process flag polings, they are doing a job that should be done by a CIC officer!

If anyone is thinking of going, I recommend to cross to the US at 7am, on your way back they'll allow you to stand in line and then they start processing at 8am.

Good luck to everybody!! And thanks for all the help!!