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Other country work permit clash with quebec visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nawabsaab, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. helo frnds
    My Sister has applied for work permit in Malaysia and She is dpeendant b applicant in quebec investor program too.
    Now last week we got medicals and submission date is 25 july 15.
    And she has to join her job in September, 1. 2015.
    If after medical processing time they took 2 months (Aug/Sep) then ask for passport ' Is it going to be trouble for her to get visa of quebec?
    Is there any wayout of this? Passport are submitted for more than 1 mounth for visa in Delhi
    Is it possible to get both of it

    Medical - Diabites n Dental prob are issue in medical?

    Pr Validity - If we do not comokete 183 days per year fr citizenship, How we can keep thePr Card valid forever? Is it really imp to get citizenship? Can we stay in canda for ever at PR card? how Pr Card days are count?
  2. Your post is somewhat confusing.

    Your sister is a dependent of QIIP
    She has also applied for Malaysian Work Permit.

    This would automatically make her ineligible for dependent category. You must understand that in order to stay dependent, dependent must be under 22. If they are over 22, they must make sure they remain student and study full-time under govt. approved institution till they become PR holders. If she was under 22 at the time of application (look at her lock-in age), she can continue to do whatever she wants to.

    What I understand is that you just got medicals request (and not PPR). I can share my timeline and you can take it as a reference.

    Med's Request: 29-03-2014
    Med's Done....: 20-06-2014
    Passport Req 1: 15-10-2014 (PPR1 with chart)
    Passport Req 2: 17-11-2014
    VISA ISSUED...: 17-11-2014 (Received on 01-01-2015)

    I applied in Islamabad VO initially, later on my file was transferred to London VO. However, my medicals were handled by New Delhi VO. I got refurtherance letter as my tests were not done properly by medical staff. So, I had my two months wasted. This would give you an idea of how much time it can take. Once PPR2 is issued, she must submit her passport to that embassy who requested for PPR2 (not any other or nearby embassy)

    Regarding diabetes, it has stages and depends on which state is your diabetes. It can have various factors:

    1.high sugars,fasting, post lunch and GTT and also HbA1c.
    2 high BMI
    3.recent change in food habits,recent stress can cause sudden rise in sugars.(u say its recent,this cd b cause )
    4.family history of diabetes,high lipids,high BP,heart disorders etc etc
    5.pancreatic disorders history,treatment
    6.history of associated BP or high cholesterol

    If you don't have any of the above risk factors and sugar level is well within normal limits, and your deviation of levels were minimal (figures are imp) and it can be controlled with diet and change in lifestyle and you don't have near risk of getting it back, then yes You can clear it easily. Diabetes is not a serious of infectious disease. The only issue is the burden on canadian health care system. A condition such as diabetes is evaluated based upon the cost of treatment. As long as the cost of treatment is less than the allowed value (currently between $5100 - $6100 per year) then you would not be medically inadmissible due to excessive demand.

    Regarding dental issues, mostly is not covered under provincial health care.

    Regarding PR validity, You can maintain your PR if you stay inside Canada min. 2 years out of 5. Citizenship and PR are two very different things. Citizenship is not mandatory. It is optional and you may have PR, but you have to make sure you abide by the minimum residency rules. Some nationals are not allowed to retain dual nationalities and they don't want to loose their nationality so they remain Permanent Resident.
  3. Ty so much bro for such a beatiful n detailed post

    Bro i have to submit medical n papers in 1 month. ..that is 25 july I think Ind take less time than Pakistan may b..
    Do i have to go thru is ppr1 n 2 ??.... Actually my agent said the pasport get submitted after medical n u jus get visa.
    Oke lets consider my Sis went to malaysia... And we get req...if we ask her to come to Ind fr month n submit the passport it ll be troble fr her to get visa? .... Actually she has done Mastera too...the nest study is only PHD
    If she get visa on email....canadian embassy ll knw its work permit?

    actually bro i am thinking lets jus give a shot. ... I ll submit her Passport to canadian embassy to may b she get visa of there too who knws may b we got lucky but yes acc to dependednt its agaist policy.

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