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Open work permit for spouse

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by akgr, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. I am an Indian on PR in Canada since April this year. I plan to marry in October and bring my wife to Canada on tourist visa. Thereafter can she apply for a open work permit from within Canada and if yes what is likely to be the processing time?. What are requirements for that financial or otherwise. If she gets a work permit and starts working then how soon can I sponsor her for PR?
  2. Would see if she gets a TRV first. It is quite hard to get one and she should apply before you get married. If she gets a TRV you have to apply for inland sponsorship to qualify to apply for an OWP at the same time. You can’t just apply for an OWP separately. It will take around 4 months to get the OWP. You have to prove that you can support your family without government help to get approved for sponsorship.
  3. What are alternative ways and options? is it possible to apply for OWP from outside Canada? What could be the requirements and processing time?
  4. No, OWP is granted for inland only. It doesn't make sense to grant Outland applicants a Canadian open work permit as they won't be in Canada to use it. Once an Outland applicant receives PR and lands, they can work anywhere in Canada anyway and won't need a work permit.

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