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ontario standard lease

Discussion in 'Housing' started by skarme312, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Folks,

    Are landlords following the standard lease given here-


    I was about to go rent an apartment and just saw this. I spoke to the landlord and he was like we have had no issue with the lease that they have. Your thoughts?
  2. What's their lease about? Give more details!
  3. I'm just wondering if that lease is used as standard.
    Their lease does not have anything glaringly wrong with it; except a clause of not having pets. Just wanted to know what is used out there.
  4. Barring an existing condo rule, the pets clause is completely unenforceable by landlords. All they can do is charge you if you end up with damage due to pets. http://www.mondaq.com/canada/x/564388/landlord+tenant+leases/Renting+in+Ontario+What+Every+Pet+Owner+Needs+to+Know
  5. Most landlords in Ontario are required to use the standard lease now. However, there are a few exceptions, such as when the landlord is renting out a room in a house where the landlord also lives (and the tenant needs to share a bathroom and/or kitchen with the landlord).
  6. Hi, Im owner of my house. In the agreement terms with builder it says that I should stay here and can not be rented out. Does it apply for full house or can i rent some rooms ?. I will be also staying in the same house. Is it legal
  7. Assume you are in a condo. Read your condo by-laws. If you have any questions speak to your condo board.
  8. Perhaps, there is rental restriction from the strata council.
  9. Yes that is why I suggested consulting the by-laws for the complex:)
  10. Is this a house or a condo? It sounds like a condo. As others have suggested, you should read your condo by-laws. However, I think more likely you are not allowed to rent out your place if you are not living there, but it is probably ok to rent out some rooms if you are living there. By law, even renters are allowed to bring in roommates without needing permission from the landlord, which is different from subletting, in which the renter leaves and rents out their place.
  11. All depends on the condo. Because of airbnb many condos try to even prevent renting a room. Many do try to get around rental bans by saying that tenants are houseguests. Do agree that renting out a room is less likely to be outlawed in the condo by-laws.
  12. This is semi-detached house. Recently bought from builder. I'm trying to approach rental agencies but before that I like to know if I can rent some rooms. Not a apartment or condo
    What are the possibilities of changing this agreement?.
  13. We would have to see the agreement you have with your builder. Not sure how is still dictating whether you can set up a rental once you take possession. It is quite unusual to not be able to rent out your own property without permission unless you have some form of community board but they are pretty unusual never in Canada,
  14. The Purchaser represents to the vendor,upon which representation the vendor has relied in accepting the purchaser's offer, that the Purchaser is purchasing the real property for the Purchaser's own personal use and not for investment purposes (including as a rental property). The purchaser acknowledges that the truth of this representation is material to the vendor.

    The purchaser acknowledges and agrees that if a breach of the above covenant occurs or the vendor discovers that the above representation is not true,the vendor shall have the unilateral right in its sole subjective and absolute discretion to terminate this agreement ,whereupon the deposit and any other amounts paid by the Purchaser(whether directly to the vendor or held in trust) shall be forfeited to the vendor,irrespective of and without prejudice to any other right,cause of action or remedy to which vendor may be entitled

    This was on one of the clauses in agreement.

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