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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mozijikuu, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Thank you for your suggestion.
    Will go there and check.
  2. You should move to DIP in 2-3days

  3. Hello Bikram,

    I have just gone thru the OINP application guideline. In the guideline, it is mentioned that one of the criteria of "Intention to Reside in Ontario" is having relatives (e.g, I have my uncle) in Ontario.

    However, OINP will go to EE pool and pick the applicants to send to them the NOI.

    1) How do OINP know that I have my uncle in Ontario?
    2) In EE profile, do we have option to indicate that we have relatives in Ontario? I am not in the EE pool yet and have not created the profile there. So that's why I have those confusions.

    Anyone can help me to clarify?
  4. thanks !! that would be great!!

    Is your moved to DIP ?
  5. Here are my timelines:

    My Timeline:
    NOI July 12, 2019
    NOC - 0213
    Submitted - Aug 24th, 2019
    Assessment - Sept 7, 2019
    DIP - TBD
    Nomination - TBD
  6. Application moved to DIP today, i.e., Sep 11
  7. Congratulations!
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  8. @Rajanila @Murasu @DhivyaDia

    Profile submitted: 24th Aug
    Status changed to Assessment on 11th Sep
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  9. Hi Jann719,
    Please let me know any update on this. In my case, my credit card statement had the credit card number masked with only the last 2 digits visible (from the bank itself), so I neglected redacting the entire number with a heavy black marker. This statement was provided in the letter of explanation to clarify a transaction in the POF bank statement.
    Did you receive an ADR or face any other issue?
  10. Hi! I am a returnee applicant from old policy of ircc 5 years ago. I’d like to ask. What are the chances of being nominated if crs score is 350? I am a hopeless case but just want to know my chances if still worth a try. Thank you so much for the answers.
  11. Yeah, I did receive one invitation before so I had everything prepared.

    Their system calculates work experience as months. So I got invited to apply PR when I actually had 11 months of work experience. Then I had to reject the invitation. Right after that, CRS cutline boosted. But luckily, I got NOC in tech draw.
  12. Hi, I checked my ONekey everyday. lol

    You will get email notification when your OINP application get submitted, assessed, and approved. There's no email notification for "Decision in Progress" stage.
  13. Not all of them.. You'd get an email for submission, Assessment, and Nomination
  14. Who else from Jul 12 tech draw still haven’t gotten their nomination?

    Today, I checked immitracker and saw that 1 guy from Aug 1 tech draw already got his nomination. Wth is happening T.T

    I submitted July 19 and no ADR so far. Stuck in DIP from end of July....

    FYI I submitted under HCP FSW.
  15. They say it takes 60 days to process applications.. I'd say be patient.. your nomination is probably on its way..

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