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Ontario PNP French Speaking Stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Following dreams, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Yes good idea, I am gathering the paperwork and sending them through the mail. in the FBI website it says it will take more than 60 days to process.

    So probably I should send them out asap in case I get an ITA.

    Do you have the timelines of the ITA? meaning when you get the nomination, how long do you have so you can submit?

    thank you so much for your help
  2. Happy to help.

    You'd have 30 calendar days to accept the nomination. If you accept, you're added 600pts and you should get ITA in the next draw.
    Then you have 60 days to submit your PR application.
  3. I'm sorry I just noticed...are you hoping they won't ask for a test result to you stated in your profile that you have?
    Gee...I'm not sure that's prudent.
  4. No, I have my TEF results, I will submit them all.
  5. and by submitting means all biometrics and medicals, right ?
  6. Medicals yes. Biometrics no.
  7. How many days do I have to submit the biometrics please? I am mailing the police certificate request to the FBI and I believe it may take more than 60 days for them to reply back. I am just being proactive so in case I get the ITA I will have the biometrics ready. for now I am still waiting for the ITA, my status is still under assessment in the OINP portal
  8. Hi, any news for the next onip draw? More than three months with no update?
  9. Hi friends,
    Long time.
    I saw in another thread that people have received NOIs from Ontario that may have been the French stream.
    Any one lucky enough here?
    FD? @thebluetung?
  10. My status now is "Decision in Progress" Fingers crossed
  11. Brilliant! Get your other docs ready, so you save some days when you get ITA.
    Good luck!
  12. Yesterday my wife received NOI from Ontario.
    In the letter they did not mention but she probably got from french stream.
  13. Thanks, and also our crs is 455. We are not sure what to do.
    I read in the website we have 45 days to apply, i think we will wait 2-3 rounds with express entry before applying PNP.
    Actually we do not know too much about PNP streams we are still trying to understand the process.
  14. With 455, waiting as long as possible sounds like a great plan! OINP costs $1500, plus weeks of processing time. Obviously better for you to save up the money and time, if you get a direct ITA.

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