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Ontario HCPS taking profiles from Jan 1, 2018 onwards

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by bmarwaha, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Hi

    My CRS Score stands at 430(this may I will be going down by 5 point).At the moment ,Ontario seems best bet to me.I read on CIC website that Ontraio is preferring profiles which were created after Jan 1 2018.Does that mean,some one like me who created his profile in Sep 2017,will not get nomination even if score for nomination comes let us say between 427 to 433.???

    I am confused as to what should I do.Should I create new profile and submit it.How will it impact chances for Express entry as this will put me in disadvantage when it comes to express entry if score ever comes down to 430 as they will prefer profile which has been in pool earliest?
  2. I had to make the same decision, at 433 I created my profile in oct. Waited for a few rounds and then recreated in feb and got picked by ontario. Yes I took a chance on tie breaker rule.
    I suggest you recreate, why leave an option closed. I don't see the score going down soon whereas ontario might give noi to 430 soon as ppl with 440+ will go for direct ETA.
  3. Thanks for your reply.I will go for profile recreation.Have u kept some docs ready in advance or do you think 45 days window is sufficent
  4. Hi,
    I am belong from ICT and my CRS is 373 can I get the NOI from Ontario? Please suggest the way
  5. Ontario issues invitation to 400 + only.So u need to get your score 400+.No other way around this
  6. I got most of them ready. I submitted my application a week after noi. 45 days should be enough. Employer reference letters would probably take longest.
  7. Thanks for the reply,

    But according to information what I have that IT and Communication technocrats (NOC 2173, 2174) are comes under the exceptional NOC. for which Ontario send NOI (Nomination under OINP Program) despite of your CRS is below 400.

    Is it true? If yes than what the probability to get the invitation?
    If no, than what is the way out? Please suggest
  8. I am not aware of that
  9. This happened in 2017 June/July timeframe. This year, till date, OINP has only targeted folks with 433 and above. There has been no new NOI in last 2 weeks. No one what will happen in future.
    Consider this...there are over 15K people in 401- 430 range. OINP only has approx 3000 Human capital Priority seats to fill, out of which, they have already sent over 1800 NOIs. They have already finalized nominations of 1,409 out of total 6,600 quota(god knows how many of 1409 are human capital ones, whatever that number is -possibly also counting towards this year 3000 max)

    As of now, there is no certainity of how many more NOI records will be there in this year. I am sorry to have presented a gloomy picture..
  10. http://www.ontarioimmigration.ca/en/pnp/OI_PNP_PROCESSINGTIMES.html
    As per this link there are 5191 nominations which are still pending.I have recreated my profile today and hope to get NOI from them in next draw if score drops.

    After reading that they are picking profiles created after Jan 1 2018,I hope I have taken right decision.
  11. Best of luck buddy!!! Bear in mind that 6600 includes all streams. HCP express entry stream only have approx 3000 quota rest are for other streams.
  12. thanks for the info.Do you think that there is chance that express entry will go til 430 in coming months.I have been following news that canada intends to bring close to 1 million immigrants in coming years.Do you think there will be increase in ITA issued?
  13. We are already in March and it doesn't seem ircc wants to send oro higher invites, who knows what is their strategy. We can only wait and watch.

    I am hopeful that oinp should reduce the cutoff in coming months, but it depends on how many people respond to current NOIs.430 is a good score. I, myself, was recently upgraded to 433, and eagerly waiting for next round. Just praying that they won't stop to wait for existing nois to be accepted or rejected.

    Good luck!!!
  14. Nope, not true
  15. Guys, I am pretty much in the same boat. I created my express entry profile in October 2017 for 2713 NOC (Software engineers) indicating my interest for ALL provinces with a CRS score of 427 points. It dropped to 422 in November 2017 (due to my birthday). It is going to reduce further this November :(

    So please suggest - Should I withdraw and re-create a fresh profile? Do you guys think I stand a chance with 422 points since as Shersingh indicated, OINP has only targeted folks with 433 and above so far? I

    Or am I better off just waiting? Please help!!

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