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Only Super Visa applicants Please - Timeline 2018

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by rajatrurka, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. there are many threads here but they are all mixed with visitor visa and super visa enquiries,
    This one is only for Super Visa.
    My father applied Feb 13 Online using a representative. No updates yet, Please share your timelines. thanks
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  2. Application date: Dec 17, 2017
    Medical: Upfront
    Passport request: Feb 5, 2018
    Passport received: Feb 12, 2018

    My documents included: NOA, bank statement (3 months), invitation letter, signed promise of financial support, employment letter, pay stubs, medical insurance (1 year), birth certificate,
    Parent's docs included: Bank statement (3 months)
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  3. Congrats! May I know whether your parents had travel history?
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  4. Paper Application submitted on 23 jan 2018 with upfront medical .
    Further additional test required request on 1 feb 2018.
    Additional tests result sent on 9 feb .
    Application still in process at New Delhi .
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  5. What country did they come from?
  6. Their traveled to London, UK but that was many years ago - in 2006. Secondly, back n forth visits to Dubai, UAE but that doesn't count a lot in travel history because their visas are very easy to obtain.
  7. from Pakistan
  8. congratulations :)
  9. Congrats..! I did not include my bank statement but just stated in my invitation letter that I have X amount of savings , would that be an issue?
  10. Well, they don't specifically ask for bank statement, however, they do require a written and signed promise of financial support (in addition to the LICO requirement), and hence, to support my signed promise of financial support - I attached bank statements for them to prove that I have sufficient savings to support them once they arrive. If you've provided them with signed promise letter, hopefully they wouldn't ask for bank statement if they see that your annual salary is much higher than the LICO amount.
  11. Application date: Feb 8, 2018
    Medical: Upfront
    Passport request: Feb 15, 2018
    Passport processed: Feb 28, 2018

    Documents: NOA, invitation letter, medical insurance (1 year), pay stubs, employment letter and bank statements and other supporting documents.
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  12. Congratulations
    From which country your parents applied for super visa ?
  13. Applied from India
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  14. That is really quick Congrats again :). I have applied in Jan 25 , Still waiting for PPR .
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  15. All the best! Hope you get it asap...

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