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online tracking VAC

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by joidiple, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. does VACs know the result of your TRV application or is your application package not sealed when the visa office returns your documents to the VAC? can you see the result of your application thru the online tracking in vac website if it is approved or not?
  2. My online tracking says : Your PROCESSED has been forwarded to Abu Dhabi visa office on 12 June.

    But I still haven't heard anything yet? What does processed application mean?
  3. Plz anyone can tell me. What i do. Because i got a documents request. What is this and i need to do for further. I submit my file 14 october. And today i got documents request. Plz guid mé plzzz6.
  4. I applied for trv for Canada from 13 March but there is no repl
  5. I'm submitting my tourist visa application from India how I can track my application
  6. How we can track our application??
  7. Hey did you hear something from them
  8. I had appliedTRV CANADA on 25 april 2018 and didnot get any response yet. Plzz guide me
  9. Hi Sheenu,
    I applied for my study permit at New Delhi office on the same date, April 25 2018 and I haven't heard anything till date.

    Could you share your current status ?

    You could also WhatsApp me on 9917900002

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