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On US visa, german citizen got IEC spot but have many questions on IEC


Jul 29, 2015
Hi everyone,

I have some questions, hope someone can help:

I am from Germany and have been living in the Us since 2009 as a student till 2011 when I graduated then went back to Germany for 8 month and back to the US on a work visa which I am on now.
I applied for the IEC for Canada and today got an email that I got a spot (yay so happy!!), so now trying to figure out what exactly I need.
In the letter it says I only need passport copy and resume and pay the fee.

So when would I need a police certificate and health certificate and proof of health insurance and $2500 in the bank?
Do I send that info AFTER I sent the passport and resume and paid the first fee, or do I need to get that and file it all together, because I only have 10 days to pay and send in resume and passport, but I read police certificates in the US can take 3-4 weeks.

Do I also need a police certificate for Germany and Japan (I was on a WH in Japan in 2004-2005)?
I am currently in the US but my visa here is running out soon so I'm afraid I will not get the IEC in time, and might have to overstay my US visa, would that be ok if I am in a visa process to Canada and it just takes longer? Or do I need to leave the US and come to Canada when I got it?

Thing is I have my cat and car here in the US and wanted to drive to Canada/Vancouver and then apply for my US visa renewal while in Canada and then move back to the US after my year in Canada...

Could I call US immigration and ask if I can stay until I get my IEC?

If I cannot do that, can I just go to Canada via tourist visa as EU citizen (and should I show them that I am in process for an IEC?) and then exit and re-enter to pick up the IEC visa and work permit when I get it? I do not want to overstay my US visa, so I wonder if that would be ok as it would cost me horrendous amounts of money to fly to EU because my US visa is expiring and then fly to Canada from there, as I have a cat and my car in the US so that would be super much trouble.

So what I mean is could I ideally drive to Canada as tourist while I pay application for IEC and wait for the CAL and my police certificates to be send in and then get the IEC and work permit approved, drive to the border, show them that I got the approval and drive-in to US and right away back to Canada?
I know it sounds like that is not allowed, I wonder if I would need a tourist visa for US as well if I would drive in to US from Canada and drive out to Canada right away to activate my IEC?

Lol sounds like a ::) an endeavor