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On/off campus job - Sheridan college

Discussion in 'International Students' started by NJ1301, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Hello!! Anyone who is pursuing or has completed Advanced Film and TV course from Sheridan, oakville, Ontario. I got my offer letter from the college 10 days back and I am in the process of starting my visa application.
    I would like to know are we allowed to work part time or full time on / off campus from the time we start our course?
    Are international students are eligible for union work opportunities

    Any insights, suggestions and reviews would be really helpful in making my decision

    Much thanks!!
  2. I am also sheridan college Oakville student. Can you tell me where you arrange your accommodation to show immigration when you applying.
  3. Hello, i have applied in 3 computer programs but still not received my offer letter i have applied on 27th December. Can u please help me to know more about It
  4. Hi ankd, i applied on 28th December for September intake and got acceptances letter on 2nd fab. I have no idea why they are taking so long time to reply you. U can mail or call them. Check your student center, may be some document missing or they hold you for waitlist. My student center is up dated now and gave more options to check . Best of luck
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  5. You probably applied for one of the programs that are most in demand so they will want to wait until they get all the applications before deciding who gets admitted. I would assume that would be sometime around now. You applied very early.
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  6. Yes you can work 20 hours per week during the school year and full-time during breaks unless your particular visa comes with limitations. I am sure all the exact details are available somewhere. Yes you are eligible for union jobs. Given your intense schedule and availability you will likely be limited to service sector jobs.
  7. I have applied for
    1. Computer engineering technician
    2. Computer Systems Technology Software analyst
    3. Computer systems Technology-software development and Network Engineering
    I regularly check my student center for more updates but it shows UNDER CONSIDERATION every time
  8. I have mailed them and they replied that they are processing all the applications and are giving preference to applicants with no less than 6 bands n having a good background
    I have 6.5 band with no less than 6
    CGPA 7.9 with no backlogs
    But still not received any updates
    For missing documents i will surely check for it
    In which course have you applied for?
  9. Not sure what you are asking. You haven't been rejected but they are waiting for all the applications to be received before making a decision. Once they reach the application deadline they will decide who gets first round admission. After they know how many people have accepted the 1st round admission they will send out the 2nd round admission. You just need to be patient.
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  10. I have applied for these 3 programs, have you any idea about it. And i think you are right, but i am worried because it has been very late and i don't want to miss this intake because i have already waited for 1 year. If you have something that i should know or you know something than please notify me so i just get little relaxed. Thanks man
  11. It isn't getting very late. You are applying for the fall and the summer semester hasn't even started yet. You applied early. Unfortunately that doesn't mean you get an answer early. You have to wait and get an answer at the same time as everyone else. Conputer programs are usually vert popular and have restricted enrolment. I would imagine you will likely hear something this month. If not you are probably on a waiting list
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  12. Thanks for the reply. You are right. I am just worried because they told that they will start to allocate letters from starting of feb until the starting of semester. But yes may be in this month i will get some updates from them. Well thanks again for the reply:):)
  14. Thank you so very much!
  15. Tnx for reply.
    I am asking when applying for a study permit .we need to provide a address in our checklist documents to show visa officer that we have place to stay .so in that regard i am looking for a accommodation near sheridan college Oakville .
    I re applying actually. Last time i gave my relatives address but this time i want to produce my own address ..if you understand or help...what usually people provide i have no idea.

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