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OINP HCP Stream - Application submitted in November 2017

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by andy12345, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Please Join this thread if you have applied for OINP HCP Stream application in November 2017

    My Profile:
    Profile Recreated : June 30, 2017
    CRS Score - 427 (soon to be 421)
    NOI Received - June 30, 2017
    OINP Application Submitted - November 8th 2017

    Currently it is in the Submitted status!!!
  2. @GavinSouthAfrica Please join this thread if you have already submitted. Thank you!!
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  4. Seems only few registred along with comrade. ;););)

    Application submitted : November 4,2017
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  5. profile recreated : june 15
    CRS score 370
    NOI received : June 30
    OINP application submitted November 4
    Status : submitted
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  6. hello, can some one guide me on how to authroize IQAS to share information with OINP, further i put all my documents like work experience, offer letter, pay slips in one file is this fine? please reply
  7. I have submitted my profile on 5th November.
    Present status: Submitted

    I have already ordered for duplicate copy of ECA to WES for OINP on 6th November and WES confirmed the service is done. I got the payment receipt over mail. Is there anyone, who can comment on this mater? Cause I am a bit confused that am I in right track or not.
  8. Added my case look for the same username as here!!!
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  9. hello,everyone! I submitted my application to the OINP yesterday. In the application I did not provide work contracts because the notary office do not accept my application for notarization of them. Instead, I provide a letter of explanation and a reference letter from my superviser. And the questions are:
    a:Should I be safe in this situation?
    B: If documents are deemed insuffcient,will the OINP asks me for additional documents or they just simply reject my application.
    Thank in advance
  10. I don't know about IQAS because I used WES. But each document should go into 1 file. One file for the offer letter of each company. One file for each reference letter. You can put payslips in one file.
  11. Sounds like you should be safe. The reference letter is most important. If OINP deems this insufficient, they will ask you for additional documents, unlike the CIC which would just reject you.
  12. i did all documents from one employer in single pdf (containing; offer letter,refrence letter, pay slip, tax paid) is this is fine, sorry to asking you again but im confused.
  13. Hi everyone,
    Please put your comments on the below issue.

    While I was creating my fund, I put 1000000 BDT, which was equivalent to 16000 CAD approx. But with the passes of time, the rate of CAD got increased and while I was submitting my application on 5th of this month it was about 15383 CAD approx. and now it is below 15312 CAD.

    Will they consider the declared amount in my application or the current rate at the time of application review?

    Please suggest if I need to increase my fund for future requirement.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. As long as you have provided all the documents. then that's fine.
    Uploading documents under specific headers will improve the readability therefore minimal chance for the officer to ask for additional documents.

    Try to be clear while applying under EE. All the best
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  15. They will always look for current value. The officer will calculate the current rate for the amount you specified while processing the application.
    It is safer to have a additional fund as a leverage.
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