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OINP Decision in Progress

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Satbirr, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Please share your timeline.

    NOI Received: Date
    Application Submitted: Date
    Assessment: Date
    Decision in Progress: Date
  2. Hi guys,
    I submitted my Application June 12 and since then the status says Submitted.
    Im beginning to think I didn't do something right since its taking a long time for the first status change.

    Again, will I get an email notification if my status changes so I dont need to log in at least twice daily to check.

    NOI received May 31
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  3. Pls don't fret. My application status stayed at "submitted" for almost a month before I got an email confirming a complete file. It was under "assessment" for a while longer before I moved to DIP and finally got the nomination.
    I wasn't asked for any additional document, so its not like I "didn't do something right"...

    So, don't worry. This whole process teaches us patience.
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  4. If you've gotten to DIP, a final decision is close. If what we read is true, rejections are rare at this stage; you'd most likely be given a chance to rectify any wrongs...if at all there are any.
    I'd suggest you begin prepping for the ITA.
    Good luck!
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  5. it has been 24 days since DIP, and 84 days since I applied for OINP under the category: international student employer job offer stream.
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  6. did you received any update???? since i applied on 30th march and still DIP
  7. Thank you my friend
  8. @Simonesra Can you please share your timeline?
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    My profile was created and you have 14 days to apply afterwards. So even after intake was paused if you are not out of your 14 days, you can apply. I called OINP and thats what they told me.
  10. Which stream are you choosing for PR after PNP?
  11. I applied for PhD graduate stream. Timeline is as follows
    Application submitted: June 6
    Assessment: June 14
    Waiting for DIP

    Any similar timeline, please share
  12. apllication submitted 15 march
    assesment :29 march
    DIP : 8 june

    still waiting

    but the thing is; i have been working for the employer for 6 months, who gave me job offer to apply for job offer foreign worker stream.
    now my work permit expires on 30th june, in 5 days and they are going to terminate my contract.
    so my situation going to change. on the other hand in the application guide it says ""You must notify the OINP if your job offer or employment is terminated by yourself or your employer. Please note that your nomination will be cancelled if you are no longer working for the employer that supported your application.""
    so what should i do?
  13. Hello Guys,

    Who have received OINP under International student job offer please share your timeline for Federal Paper File.

    Application sent to IRCC: 24th June 2019
    Application Received: 25th June 2019
    Waiting for AOR:

    Appreciate your help.
  14. Guys, how much time it usually takes from Assessment to Decision in process ? Just curios.

    My timeline -

    Please share your timeline.

    NOI Received: 31st May 2019
    Application Submitted: 14th June 2019
    Assessment: 19th June 2019
    Decision in Progress: *Waiting*
    Approval: *Waiting*
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  15. Hi.....did you get an email notification when it changed to Assessment?

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