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OHIP for who married a Canadian Citizen

Discussion in 'Health' started by clauber.ferreira, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Hi folks,

    My current status in Canada is a temporary resident. I'm under a student visa attending a full-time program. I also work part-time at College. My question is because I just got married to a Canadian citizen, how can I apply for OHIP?
  2. See the 'who qualifies' on the link below:


    I don't know what type or TRP you have, OHIP mention that only type numbers 86 through 95 qualify.

    You certainly don't qualify just because you have married a Canadian citizen, however, you would qualify if / when your spouse actually sponsors you for permanent residence through spousap sponosorship AND IRCC confirm you have met the eligibility requirements.
  3. You do not qualify for OHIP - you have UHIP coverage as an international student.

    Getting married to a Canadian doesn't change this immediately. You need to go through the spousal sponsorship process before you will become eligible for OHIP.
  4. Ok. Thank you so much!

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