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OHIP card

Discussion in 'Health' started by mynenianupama, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I lived here in toronto,from Dec 2011 to Nov 2016 on work permit.Later I moved to USA.
    During this time I got my OHIP Card.
    I got my PR in June 2015.Came here to tornoto and completed landing formalities and went back to USA.
    Again landed here on 5 th June 2018 to settle here (as I am out of Canada for 3 years,I have to settle here to retain my PR.
    Now I am applying for OHIP card
    my questions are

    1) I read some where that the waiting period is 3 months ,so from what date my period starts ?
    (as I landed on June 5 th, they consider this as start date ?

    ( i dont see any official link from ontario govt websites...they all taking about 153 out of 180 days...)
    can anyone provide link where 3 month period is shown.(only seetlement.org has this 3month..
    2) I have PR ,Credit card but not drivers license yet (for the residence proof ).will they accept my bank statement (this is an online print from the bank personnel with stamp on it) ?
    (actually they asking for mailed original copy-i have copy with bank original stamped copy it has www.scotiabank.com/blahblah..at the bottom)
    3) should i wait and apply at the end of 3 month period ? i am scared as the OHIP card will take 4 to 6 weeks
    to mail to your address. if a apply beforehand, i am thinking that i can get it on time. or they will provide me
    on the spot-(just like temporary driver license...) when i go after 3 month period(though card may take some time to come by mail

    please share your experiences..
    thank you
  2. Hi

    1. Waiting period started June 5th, 2018. http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/ohip/ohipfaq_mn.aspx, question 6.

    2. You would need to look at the ID requirements.

    3. Apply whenever. Your coverage will still start 3 months from June 5th.
  3. Hey,
    If I do a soft landing, I can apply for SIN E etc. As I understand it, I would need to establish my address (through bank statements and the like) before I can apply for health care. Do I have to apply for this in person? Is there a way to make sure that I will have coverage from the day I move permanently?
  4. Lying to avoid the wait period is health care fraud. You must wait out the 3 months once you actually move here.
  5. Sure. I'm not suggesting anything not allowed. Merely wondering if I could initiate something without being there in person (option to do things online, via proxy etc).
    So, say, I qualify in 3 months after soft landing, will coverage start as soon as I apply after landing permanently? How does the 153 days in 180 days time affect this?
  6. No - there is no online or proxy option.

    If you do a soft landing, coverage will start three months after you land permanently. If you are only doing a soft landing, there is no point applying for OHIP until you land permanently.
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  7. Again, you will qualify 3 months after actually moving to Canada. You can't apply when you do a soft landing.
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