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Jan 29, 2020
Lot of movement from Sydney and Edmonton many applicants got PPR, no news from Ottawa. Only 40 days left on my application but not even a single GU yet


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Oct 17, 2017
I am waiting for callback from IRCC. It was GU 3 for me and I am not counting MEP. May be I got 1 additional GU or may be you missed one. Dnt worry about that. Below was the status at each GU.

MEP - Nov 5th
GU1 - 7th Feb Elgibility changed to in progress
GU2 - 11th feb Eligibility changed to Recommend pass
GU3 - TODAY. Lets see what is the update now

Probably case agent updated my profile twice before changing it to Recommend pass hence 2 GU.

Just got off from the call with IRCC agent.

Security passed
Eligibility passed
Criminality passed

She told me its on the queue for final review and decision.


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Oct 17, 2017
Hey. Do you know how many times can you call IRCC? Thanks
Call only when you see ghost update. Otherwise there is no point of calling them, status won't change. Calling too frequently is bad, they have track of it but there won't be any action if you call repeatedly.


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Jan 11, 2019
Hi All,
I just got off the phone with IRCC to confirm for a ghost update on Feb 18th
AOR Oct 14th
CEC Inland
VO Edmonton
MED Pass Nov 08th
1st Ghost Update Nov 08th (right after MED pass)
2st Ghost Updaye Feb 18th
Agent said:
Eligibity is passed
Criminality is passed
Security not started
So far, everything is looking good. I just wonder how long will they take to get Security Check done? and what is security check all about?

Thank you all,
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Aug 15, 2019
Hi, anyone know how to contact IRCC from abroad. I am based in Sydney Australia. There are 50 days left in my application but I haven’t received any update or whatsoever yet. AOR is on October 17 and it is CPC-Sydney.

do you recommend me to call them? Or via webform? Or order GCMS notes? Thanks!


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Oct 28, 2019
AOR: 07-Oct-2019
MEP: 1-Nov-2019
1st GU: 13-Feb-2020
Called CIC on 20-Feb and agent said:
Eligibility: passed
Criminality: Passed
Security: not started
2nd GU: 24-Feb-2020

Do you guys think Security updated and PPR soon?
is your second ghost update about passing Security check?