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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Momo2010, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    This thread for all applying for outland spousal sponsorship in october 2018.
  2. Just joined the group - my husband and I mailed his paperwork October 1st, and the courier service says it was recieved October 3rd. so now, we wait :)
  3. Is there a new page in the tracking spreadsheet for us October people? If not, how do we make one?
  4. I joined too. Mine was received the last working day of September late in the afternoon but I will consider myself with October Group then
  5. Application Received for us oct.
    Good luck to us.
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  6. HI Guys,,
    i'm the Sponsor of my wife and here in BC,
    i sent my wife spousal sponsorship application and they received it Oct 1, 2018.
    Good luck to us.
  7. Resubmitted my application and it was received Oct 5, 2018.
  8. Our application was received in Sydney on Oct 3rd... does anyone know how long until we get any notification?

    Thanks and good luck to us all!
  9. usually it take upto 30-60 days but some applications got their AOR1 within a month. Best of luck to all of us. We're Oct 1st applicant by the way
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  10. Hi, they received our application Oct 1st,, we can update each other since we just 2 days apart from our application. THanks Araleith. :)
  11. Resubmitted my application October 2, 2018.

    Good luck to us.
  12. Did you encounter some issues? Why you resubmitted your application?
  13. My immigration consultant forget to attached the notice of assessment of sponsor
  14. When did you submit and when was it returned?

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