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Obligations right after obtaining the PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Azo, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Hello!

    I am currently vacationing in Canada and recently received notice that our PR was approved, or rather, that I will shortly receive the IMM form that will allow me to land in Canada and attempt to finish the PR process.

    The notice was unexpected and I am really only in Canada for another week. Given this, my plan was to

    1. Obtain the IMM
    2. Cross the border with US and present myself on the Canadian border with the supplied IMM forms
    3. Claim the PR, giving my friend's address as my mailing location

    If this process is successful , I'd then leave for my home country sort the situation at home and come back to Canada with the PR.

    At this stage I'd like to make sure if the above plan is sound, if there are any kind of restriction to leaving the country soon after immigrating and generally, how much time I then have to sort my situation abroad.

    Can someone give constructive comments/suggestions about this situation? Are there any restrictions that I should keep in mind?

  2. Yes, you can do this. There are no restrictions to leaving the country soon after immigration.

    You have to maintain Residency Obligations of 730 days of presence in a five year period, which means you have nearly three years to sort out your affairs and return to Canada to remain in compliance.

    In general it is advisable to move permanently well before that three year period since you may need to travel later etc. If you use all three years, you will have to stay put in Canada for 730 entire days and not leave even for one day.
  3. All perfectly fine and agree with 21Goose. I suspect you might be lucky to get your CoPR within one week though.

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