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Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Moe..., Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Thank you for sharing your timeline pan1234. Very soon you will be out of this suffering. Do let us know when you receive your oath letter.

    Had you applied for ATIP report recently? Did it say your file is referred to Level 2 officer? If so please let us know which date was it referred to Level 2 officer? Also did you get oath letter sent from St Clair office or Ottawa?
  2. I have never apply for ATIP. I called to cic so many times to conform that my file is now in Ottawa or not and all are saying that my file is now in Ottawa office for oath. After submit my RQ they referred my file on 7th April to Ottawa. I definitely let you know next or oath whatever comes.
  3. hi guys this is my story below;

    Office is Scarborough center:

    Received: May 10, 2012.

    Process application: Oct 25, 2012.

    Residence questionnaire requested CIT 0171 (09-2012) E version : Nov 30, 2012.

    Residence questionnaire sent: January 9, 2013.

    1st Fingerprint Request: January 24, 2013.

    1st Fingerprint sent: February 11, 2013.

    Text Exam: February 7, 2014 and passed at St Clair office.

    2nd Fingerprint sent: February 11, 2014.

    2 Mini Residence questionnaire requested CIT 0520 (07-2014) E version : December 17, 2014

    File assigned to officer: December 17, 2014

    Additional documents sent: March 14, 2015

    Additional documents received: March 16, 2015

    Oath Ceremony: Huh??

    i got my atip report yesderday is says corresondence: 1

    Template Title: "citizenship application record of decision"
    Document status:Done
    Status: Draft

    do you have any idea guys what it means? any comments... please

  4. i have the same thing on my recent ATIP . it was created by level 2 officer on May 8.

    please check the other sections of your ATIP . notes or things written by the officer .

    when did your file assigned ? any preliminary review done ?
  5. Yes my atip says;
    Description: Short FPAT completed- pending FOSS clearance. CEN.ON.LB
  7. SORRY DATED DEC 17, 2014
  8. please visit the thread


    check my latest post (link below) on FPAT status it is similar to your status, check the timeline sheet in my signature I have added your timeline as well please check and inform if I have got it correct.

  9. Good News Friends!! Finally i got the famous Oath Invitation Letter.

    Oath Letter sent: 15-June-2015
    Oath Letter Received: 17-June-2015
    Oath Date: 30-June-2015
    Oath Letter sending office is Scarborough
  10. Congratulations:)) I hope we will get same letter one day :)
  11. Thank you pan1234. I pray to the Almighty everyone who are waiting for their Oaths should get their invitations soon.
  12. ATTENTION EVERYONE, especially those whose cases exceed 40 months of waiting.

    When you can't get anywhere with a call center agent, inform them that you have talked to a lawyer and you're considering a legal suit against the CIC. Trust me, they will become much more cooperative when you mention that you 'may' consider the 'writ of mandamus' through the federal court system. I did that today and got some positive results.

  13. Hi Rayan14,
    Could u explore more about positive results... What response u got from them...thanks
  14. They agreed to let me talk to a supervisor in the local CIC office, and sent a reminder to the local office again. I will wait until the end of June and then I will go with the WoM.
  15. Thanks Rayan for the info. Will try the same!

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