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NYIT Vancouver Fall 2021 [MS Cybersecurity]


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Jun 18, 2017
Hi All,

I have 14 years of gap from my last degree (Bachelors in Electronics & Comm). I have started working after my Bachelors. Have 13 yrs exp in IT field. I have applied to the below universities for Fall 2021.

1. NYIT - BC - MS in Cyber security - (Received offer)
2. St. FX Xavier, Nova Scotia - MS in Computer Science (expecting offer in 1-2 weeks)
3. Ontario Tech University - MS in Comp. Science
4. Red river college Manitoba - PG.Dip in Information Security (Received offer, didn't accept)
5. University of Victoria - MS in Telecom and Info security. (But they will communicate by end of June only so it is a risk not to accept other offers)

Q1. Between NYIT and St.FX which one would be a better option considering visa approval (and PR in long run)??
NYIT has direct PR option under BC PNP, but has a bad reputation and high fees.
St. FX is a bit remote, relatively less job opportunities, but a public university, affordable fees, less course duration with internship and good reputation.
(not sure about the chances of PNP in NS/how fast it will be)

Q2. Is an SOP recommended for my profile when I apply for SP under SDS stream. (It is not a mandatory doc as per CIC website)?

Any inputs will be helpful.

1. St FX
2. Yes include an SOP
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