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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by tanjohn, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. HI ALL!

    This forum is for November 2019 applicants.

    I sent my sponsorship package on Oct 29, 2019. Sent by Fedex. It was received on Nov 1st.
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  2. You sent it from where? And good luck!
  3. We are November-ish also.
    Our package was received on Oct. 29, sent from Toronto.
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  4. Same sent November 4th received November 6th
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  5. Hello!
    Sent application on November 1st. Received today November 6th at Sydney.
    PA from Mexico.
    Good luck!
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  6. Hello All !

    I sent my application through Canada Post Nov 4th , expected delivery Non 8th.
    Principal Applicant India Mumbai
    Sponsor applicant Vancouver BC.
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  7. Hi All
    I sent my application through Canada Post on November 6th, expected delivery is on November 12th.
    Principal applicant is from Albania.
    Sponsor applicant is from Toronto, Ontario.
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  8. Hi. Guys, you can write your tracker here ?! It will be convenient for all of us to analyze each other's terms!;)
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  9. How do we use that tracker ?
  10. when November will fill about 100 people, then we will see the average data on the process. Now you can see the previous months, there are excellent statistics below.
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  11. Sent October 30th, received November 4. Let's get this done comrades.
  12. How do you sign your information into It?
  13. hi
    you mean in Tracker? just write your details after the last person. when you add a new date (for example aor) the line will change color depending on what you have added

    or do you mean the signature here?:

    (Outland Spousal Sponsorship
    Sponsor: Toronto, CA | PA: Minsk, BY
    App Rec'd: 01/11/19 (Sydney, NS))
  15. I just realized I didn’t even reply properly sorry haha I wrote in the middle of your post by accident .

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