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November 2018 - Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by kirtivsingh, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. ~20 (I had a package with forms and only necessary documents for 2 applicants)
  2. Finally!!! So so happy I am posting this today..

    ID: PHCA
    Location: CALGARY
    App.Type: SINGLE
    Physical Presence Days: 1110
    App Sent: NOVEMBER 13, 2018

    I wonder when are we going to hopefully receive AORs...
  3. Thanks for the info. PhD stream...
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  6. I used UPS they say will be delivered tomorrow evening.
    From Brampton to NS next day service cost is 36+tax.
    Canada post Priority is 41+tax.
  7. Hi There, please see my application details
    App Type: Single
    Physical days : 1106
    From : Vancouver
    App. Sent: Nov 1st
    App. delivered : Nov 5th
    AOR received : N/A
    In Process:N/A

    Thanks, Lopazos
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  9. i am already on the excel list just needed to add location and phys. presence. thanks
  10. Hello everyone!

    I am new to this forum. I would be submitting my application soon this month. I would like to know if it is necessary to pay the $75 fee for Citizenship Certificate (proof of citizenship) when you pay the $630 fee for an adult application? Also, are there any other charges that we need to pay for apart from the ones mentioned above?

    Thank you!
  11. No just pay 630. Read the guide-pay the fees this mentioned there.
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  12. Reposting it maybe someone answers quickly and my mind can rest in peace :D

    "Hi everyone, planning to send the application in on Wednesday.
    I have just two quick questions one is regarding to work history, at my current employer Ive had 3 different position I want to keep it simple so I was thinking to put all of them in the same line and in the occupation line just put them like positionX/positionY/positionV since they were all the same location same employer, would it be ok?
    And my other dilemma is "the date your status was obtained" in question 9a Ive been here as temporary worker since 2012 feb (2different WP same company different position but both WP), but my eligibility is from nov 2013. In my understanding its asking when I gained my status here so for me it would be my first wp (2012 Feb) or should I just put down my second wp start date(2013. apr) since It falls closer to my eligibility period? How did you guys fill this question out?
    Ive tried to search answer for the dates and I know its a repeated question, but I just want to hear inputs. Thank you" :)
  13. user: mtlgogogo
    App type: single
    Location: Montreal
    Physical presence days: 1275
    App sent date: Nov 4,2018
    App delivered date: Nov 7, 2018
  14. Please add my details to spread sheet.
    Location: Etobicoke
    App.Type: Family of 3
    Physical Presence Days:1111 Days
    App Sent: 14th Nov 2018
    App Recd:16th Nov 2018
  15. Hi

    I need your advise guys. Its been a year the citizenship application in process. I passed citizenship test on 1st Oct at Scarborough, GTA. Since, then its in process, they called me next day and asked to provide further explanation of business activities and letter received on 3rd Oct. I contacted my local MP LISA RAITT and she told me that you application is on non routine.

    The application was considered non-routine due to the following reason(s):

    additional information was received from your constituent regarding their business activities.
    an officer is reviewing the information received.

    · The criminality verifications are currently valid.

    · The security verifications are currently valid.

    · The immigration verifications are currently valid.


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