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November 2018 AOR - Join here


May 14, 2019
Don't worry, you might not even get any ADR or update. It is very possible that you get the PPR request directly. And I am telling this with surety because I have seen this happen with one of my close friend's case. No ghost updates till last 4 or 5 days remaining and suddenly status changed and he got the PPR request the next day.
i haven't raised gcms note or web form, never called cic or mailed them, are there any chances that i get ppr in remaining 16 days? coz there is no movement during these days. hope, they don't ask for ADR after completion of 6 months.
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Oct 1, 2018
What an awesome start to the day for so many. My wife received her PPR today.

Aor: 16th Nov
Mep: 20th Dec
Ip1 to Ip2: 10th May
Ghost update: 12th May
Ppr: 14th May. 2 days before the 6 month mark.

Were checking up the forums all this while and were very sure it wouldnt come in so soon as her file wasn't picked up al this while.
But we had our marital status update on 9th may and the updating got them to pick her file.

So if any of ul are contemplating any sort of update in your profile, pl go ahead and do it.

Best wishes to all.
Congratulations!!!! question... You updated IRCC on May 9th about your marriage ? when did you guys upload the documents after updating them? that was lightening quick!


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Feb 17, 2019
Finally COPR!!!
Few details to begin with:
Express entry FSW - O - India.
Family of 2
NOC code 2174 and 4163
So here goes the timeline:-
1. IELTS result 20 September 2018 – Both applicants Clb9 in the first attempt through IDP
2. ITA 3 October 2018 with CRS 475
3. AOR 3 Nov 2018
4. MEP 5 Dec 2018
5. Received ADR on 5 April 2019 which asked us for last 6 months bank statements. (No ghost updates till 5th April 2019)
6. Submitted only the requested documents on 5 April 2019
7. Rejection on 10 April due to insufficient POF.
8. Appeal sent through CIC web form on 11 April 2019 and also sent an email to all the possible CIC email addresses we could get writing them about the appeal.
9. Meanwhile Submitted new EE Application profile on 11 April 2019
10. Received reply from one of the email addresses on 12 April 2019 ET which told us to raise a CIC web form which we had already done

(Timeline from rejection to appeal to reopening of our profile to PPR: 10th April to 19th April 2019)

11. We received a request letter through an ADR on our old profile on 16 April which asked us to pay the PR fees CAD 490 for each applicant. (+Ghost update with profile changed to a "background check in progress" PS: There is no such thing as IP1 or IP2)
12. Withdrew the newly created profile on 17th April
13. Paid the PR fees on 18 April 2019
14. Received PPR email on 19 April 2019
15. Sent passports to VFS for stamping on 24th April
16. Passports received by VFS Delhi on 26th April
17. VFS Delhi sent passports back to VFS Pune on 10th May
18. Received PR stamped passports 13th May 2019 in Pune

AOR to COPR: 191 days with 2 ADRs and 1 Rejection (reversed after an appeal.)

Points to be noted:
1) Did not request GCMS notes even once
2) Did call CIC but we just got an IVR message which told us that our Medical had completed and the Background Check was in process.
3) No change on profile after MEP. It was 'we are processing your application' till our profile was reopened that's when it changed the status to BC in progress.
4) Consulted an agent but I suppose that was not enough. So started following this forum and some other facebook groups and did some analysis/self-study through a few channels on Youtube.
5) Never joined any course for IELTS. Did my study on my own for 2 months, followed youtube channels for tips.

Issues we faced:
1) Reason for rejection: There must have been some clerical error at CIC side because we had submitted all the required documents for POF including all the FD receipts and still they said that the amount was not insufficient. The amount was in the form of Fixed Deposits, receipts for which were probably overlooked by the officer in charge. Here, in this web form, we attached an additional letter from the bank which said that we had these fixed deposits in the bank and we could use them at any point in time. We had not provided this letter earlier which if we had, it could have saved us all the disappointment and rework.
2) 1st ADR: They said that they could see the Gift Deed and wanted to check for the source of that money so asked for bank statements in the 1st ADR. The Bank statements showed that that certain amount had been credited to my account but debited immediately. The current balance was CAD 791 which was not as per the requirement. We had provided the bank statements already but the ones they asked for were of that account in which all the fixed deposits were present.
3) Repayment of RPRF fees: Our old profile was reopened again. The RPRF fees had to be paid again because when our application was rejected earlier, our PR fees were refunded. We received that amount approximately 2 weeks after the rejection. They say it generally takes about 3 weeks for the amount to reach us back.

Most important: Choose wisely on what you read online, no offense to anyone but wait till the experts have commented on your question and most importantly, do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to being absolutely sure on what needs to be done.

Thanks a lot to all those who have helped me here to find answers to all my questions.
Best of luck to all aspirants and hope to see you in Canada soon!
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Mar 20, 2019
i haven't raised gcms note or web form, never called cic or mailed them, are there any chances that i get ppr in remaining 16 days? coz there is no movement during these days. hope, they don't ask for ADR after completion of 6 months.
Yes, you still have a big chance that you will get the PPR mail in the remaining time. It's rare that there will be a rejection without an ADR... and no, that's not true either, the timeline has changed and increased in general, so the "estimated" time can be more than 6 months.
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Nov 29, 2018
NOC Code......
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
Who had got IP2 very early and then just received PPR within 6 months?


Aug 31, 2018
I got AOR in November 24; the status is now IP2. There is no change in the background check option.

Is that normal? The profile says 10 days remaining. Should I be worried?