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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Yes. CIO Sydney (CB01126) and Outland under express entry with PNP nomination. Thanks! Hope we all get good news soon!
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  2. We are in the same VO, I got re-med request on the second day right after ghost. So just keep eye on your email box. Did you confirm whether your case processed through comprehensive security review?
  3. I got medical request May 13.
  4. Okay, will check my email and update you guys.. I don't think I was under CSS.. My last notes seemed fine with nothing to worry about..
  5. Had your application been in Montreal office, you could have expected PPR within 48 hours.
  6. Nope. CIO Sydney from the beginning. Never transferred.
  7. Did you receive pre-arrival letter?
  8. where in gcms notes can you see RR in LOE?
  9. So we are collectively loosing our positivity, If they want, they can clear our application in a week, what kind of priorities or system they are using, is beyond any logical explanation.

    they said, my background report is pending to be reviewed by an officer, from last 3 or more months.
    it means, background report came, but nobody opened it , checked it or approved it.
    only after this, it can moved for final decision and PPR request.

    and I received nothing in the name of GCMS notes, my 3 orders.

    they only being ignorant and lazy, I am disappointed

    I can't see any logic in issuing PPR's to candidates after February.
  10. Check last 5-6 pages. Case Analyst notes
  11. Thank you so much! I have been following your case and I really hope you get PPR soon! Does RR in LOE really affect an application even though eligibility is recommended pass/met?
  12. So we are together in the same queue and same stream. I wish you all the best, I pray we all get the PPR and end up with this nightmare. Please keep us posted whenever you have any update.
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  13. LOE will always get RR because that document needs to be read by the case officer. So if a case analyst notices a LOE then it is automatically marked as RR.
  14. Hey friends....

    I have had a second ghost update in 5 days. I wish I could know what it is! In my 300 day + after my AOR of November 20th 2018.

    What are your thoughts?
  15. You're waking up to PPR
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