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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. This long, I guess will still be longer :(
  2. Nov 30 AOR, VO London, called IRCC 001-613-944-4000, after following the automatic instructions when I put my application # and year of birth, the automatic response is like WE ARE UNABLE TO FIND YOUR APPLICATION IN OUR SYSTEM, to hear it again press 1, to talk to agent press 0 etc, is that normal? I called them few months ago, talked to agents as well, what is going on in IRCC, this is crazy. Are they not sharing anything if its outside Canada.

    Experts, any input is appreciated.
  3. This happened to me. Try calling them at 8.30 am Ottawa time.
    Good luck
  4. yea, first IELTS, then this, testing times, it's Depress Entry

    that is current status of my file.
  5. November 2018 folks waiting for PPR like...


  6. We have received 2nd set of notes today.

    It says unable to verify employer whereas my brother is self employment and we have submitted everything to prove his self employment\

    Any thoughts?
  7. :):)
  8. Folks,

    Is it me or everybody? I am
    Not able to log into my profile! Could it be that they are updating my profile or a system outage?

    I pray for a PPR;)
  9. My AOR is March 26, 2019 and visa office is London, England. As per them my file is currently pending review by an Immigration Officer. Im 23 days shy of completing six months.
    Do you suggest that i order gcms notes or wait patiently? As per your previous comment, if i have understood it correctly, this is the final review queue with applications that are seemed to be meeting criteria for final approval. Im just not sure if at this stage i still need to worry n order gcms notes or just wait patiently?
  10. Almost everyone is facing that problem
  11. It is working for me, try again. Though no update on the profile:(
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  12. Order the notes. By the time they reach, if they ever reach, it will be past the 6 months and you may get a better idea of what's going on with your file. After 6 months you can start sending webforms and getting generic responses like most of us have been getting for months now. If you get PPR before that, lucky you.
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  13. To be honest, ordering gcms notes will add me to another waiting line. People are getting the notes late, some of them don’t even get them. Im already anxious over this, i really don’t want to sign up for another anxiety inducing drill unless it becomes absolutely necessary :(
  14. Well, November 2018 applicants here know exactly how you feel since we were just like you 4 months ago. I've never ordered notes but other people here have and it helped them feel somewhat relaxed. There's nothing else you can do till after the 6 months waiting period. I'm not going to lie and tell you be patient because PPR is around the corner because you might have to wait another 3-5 months. Some good advice I'll give you that I wish I had received is to think the worst and don't live life expecting to receive PPR soon. So don't quit your job or miss out on good opportunities because you think you're leaving soon. Live life like you didn't apply that way you won't feel as anxious. Hope that makes sense.
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    AOR Nov 14, 2018
    MEP Jan 17, 2019
    Got Review Required around April 25, 2019
    Got Procedural Fairness June 28, 2019
    IP2 Aug 9, 2019
    File approved Aug 12, 2019 (as per phone call)
    PPR Sep 3, 2019

    This process has been extremely, extremely stressful. My 2019 has been awful thanks to this process taking so much longer than they told us. Some of you know my story. Anyway, I am praying that everyone gets PPR very soon.
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