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NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by missycreampop22, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hai,
    Its showing BG as NA.When you sumbitted for PR??

  2. Hi Nuurueal,

    My file got processed exactly how cic claims. Once you submit your electronic application with fees the clock starts! Cic says most applications will be processed in 6 months or less. My final approval took 4.5 months. That was the trend then but now I have no information about it. But as a general assumption it shouldn't take any longer than 6 months.

    All the best!

  3. NOC 4032.. Can apply for Nova scotia pnp?

  4. Thank you very much Luder for the prompt response. Mine is a total of 3 months and 10 days now. I already got UCI and medical approved. I hope all will clear in the next one month.

    Thanks again
  5. Hi, I got my medical passed on 12/08/2017 and on that day it was showing I will be informed once BG check is started.But I found on 17/08/2017 that BG is NA.(No mail but update was seen in profile). is it normal?What will happen next and how long it will take? can anyone share any idea?
  6. Hai Shakhawet,

    Its same for me too....I think its normal....Dont know how long they will take to process:(:(

  7. Hello Everyone,

    Can someone share their thoughts about by when I can get my PPR? or is there someone who has submitted PR application on March,2017.
    Since June no update from CIC, their approximate 6 months time span is about to finish by 6th September. is there anyone who has submitted PR before March and not received PPR yet?
    Nomination received from Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry Program: 24th December
    Received ITA: 6th Jan,2017
    AOR: 7th March,2017
    Medical passed: 14th Jun,2017

  8. hi....friends.....
    its really a matter of tenshion now.....that many of us are going to complete 6 months....in few days...bt no updates...are coming from CIC...guys plz update...who have got sm good response frm cic.....applicants of march onward.....plz respond....wid sm good news...
  9. Hi Luder,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Thank god you and your children are all fine. Welcome to NS. Yes, Nova Scotia is very beautiful i confirm and lot of places to visit during the summer <:. Housing prices vary depending on region, but sure it's quite expensive in Halifax and central regions. There are some places which are not advisable due to crime rates - there are yellow signs posted along the road!!!! And you are also right, getting a job here is not so easy. Do visit ISANS thou, the job specialist may help newcomers. I am still job hunting - no luck up to now. I am here since 2 months now.
    Best of luck. If you need any help do PM me.


  10. Can somebody please tell me how to apply for nova Scotia. Currently my score is 400 ,am I eligible?

  11. Hi Kushal,
    One question : Did you receive PR card? If yes, how much time it took after your landing?
  12. Hi Luder,

    Sorry to know about accident. I am also happy that you were brave enough to come out of these adversaries.
  13. I have similar timeline and Status
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