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Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Debukola, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Thanks. From the list you shared for the atlantic program, literally all the companies, including cora breakfast and tim hortons, are listed. I guess they probably just made a list of all the local businesses.
  2. Never thought of it this way, but that makes sense.

    I contacted all the employers on the said list one-by-one and got response only from some of them. I remember getting response mostly from companies that required long haul drivers.
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  3. I guess they will designate all businesses in the communities like they did in Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

    There should not be many employers in the said communities and some smaller ones with population of less than 50,000 people will in my opinion will maybe have some 100 employers.

    Maybe instead of asking interested businesses to participate they just opted for an easy option and designated all of them :D
  4. To be honest it makes sense. Fast food restaurants are filled with high school/college students working part time. There's no reason for them to hire foreign employees. Semi drivers are always in demand, while less people want to take the job.

    I have actually been to a few rnip communities and these communities are industrial/agriculture heavy cities, where there are a decent amount of industrial jobs availables, such as industrial operators and tradesmen. Larger cities like Sudbury and Brandon quite many employers, espeically a lot of family businesses.
  5. Useful information about cities being industrial.

    I just hope that there will be some opportunities in the office type of work since that is what I am aiming for.
  6. I guess all the information will be available after elections on 21 October
  7. Office job is plentiful in the industrial environment, from IT and data analyst, to HR and admin. Good luck finding a job!
  8. Thanks
  9. i'm anxiously waiting for this program. ive applied for dozens of jobs and even got invites for 2 interviews. but employers want people already in their communities. i guess when the program begins we'll know how best to apply. something else i noticed is that they have a lot of vacancies in retail and customer care. fingers crossed that it favours us all!
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  10. I just hope our current NOC will not be the key factor. What I mean that if you are for instance an Accountant in your country (NOC A) you will be able to apply to any job in NOC A or B.

    Just wait till next week, we should have more info after elections on Monday.
  11. This is a strange program. Some of the communities are expected to accept application in the next couple of days, but still no information about the process or anything is published.
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  12. we will have to wait patiently for friday. its 2 days away, then we will know if it favours certain NOCs or if anybody can apply.
  13. Like
    Which of the community is starting in a couple of days, was told most are starting in January 2020

  14. You can check out the link below with the schedules of each of the communities who will start by Nov. 1.
    We'll see if anyone of them will really start as indicated in the gazette.


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