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non SDS student visa approved in 35 days

Discussion in 'International Students' started by kk2018, May 17, 2019.

  1. This is for the people who wants to apply through non SDS category
    I applied for my cousin study visa she is in India ( I Submitted online application from Canada).
    The only reason of doing non SDS was medical, as she had to travel to other state to do medical.
    Got request for bio metrics within 1 days an later she did medical and bio metric together.
    I applied on 11th April and 15th may she got passport request.
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  2. Couldn't she apply on her own?
    What did you mention in country or territory where applying in IMM1294e?
  3. she could have but since I am here in canada was easy for me to fill up form as I have done similar this before for My PR and CITIZENSHIP.
    INDIA as she is in India and it goes to Delhi office.
  4. Hello dear
    I had done post graduation (msc-it) and I scored
    L 7.0
    Overall 6.5
    I have 78% in my last study (msc_it)
    I want to fo networking course in canada. Am I eligible for non sds category study visa. Will I get study visa please help m
  5. You can but chances of gettinng visa are very low as the minimum requirement to a study permit is no band less than 6. As I also replied you in your previous post
    I will strongly suggest you to answer ielts again .
    I'm my case I did non sds just bcoz my cousin was not able to do medical upfront .
  6. Try to improve your score as you have done Master's so it won't be easy for you to convince VO.
    And still if you want to apply, you can do so but no one can tell you if you will get visa or not. That's completely on your way of representing your file to VO.
    My honest opinion is to get at least 6 in writing to be on safe side.
  7. Please dont give wrong information.

    That's ok you have done your PR and Citizenship process... but it's clearly mention that overall band 6 with no band less than 6 is only required for SDS category and for Non SDS (general Category) there is no specific band mentioned and people can apply with overall 5.5 with no band less than 5.5

    Thank you
  8. You can easily get visa recently in february my friend applied for it and he got approved for visa and he has IELTS score as follows

    Listening 6
    Speaking 6
    Reading 6
    Writing 5.5

    And he got his visa

    Therefore you can easily go for it
  9. Go ahead and you apply . PLEASE read my post properly as I have mention again that it should be 6.Non sds you can apply but it all up to you.
    You being new hear dosn't mean you going to say what ever you want .
    People are here to help each other.
    You can always ask people here who got visa with 5.5 band.
  10. I have a doubt if anyone is applying through non sds and he/she gets an visa does that mean he/she gets the study permit please clarify
  11. you get your Study Permit only at PoE (Port of Entry). Once your arrived in canada and after going through immigration process then at the desk of Immigration they will ask you out few documents like LOA, GIC etc and also ask you details about your college name and in which course you have applied for to cross verify whether the person is genuine or not and after questioning you and once they verify you they will issue you a STUDY PERMIT.
  12. Hello
    How many chances of visa rejection after you got offer letter from college?
  13. I’ve received my offer letter for foundation from icm. I’m really tensed now about my visa. I got 5.5 in ielts all modules are also 5.5. So is there any chance of me getting a visa with 5.5 score? Thank in advance
  14. I am in Pakistan and applied for a study visa through a consultant who is in Canada, online application was submitted on Sep 13th by the consultant, on Oct 1st IRCC requested for the biometrics fee to be paid which was paid on Oct 2nd but no biometrics letter received yet, can anyone please guide how much time it could take and also is it normal that its taking this much time just for biometrics letter? Please guide.

  15. hi,
    my Brother got admission in ALgonquin college and we paid the first term fees but his college falls under sds category. Is it possible for me to apply under non-sds category.

    THank you

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