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NOC 4012 job reference letter


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Jun 26, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I'm a current PhD student in the US and I've just submitted my application and got my AOR last month, however, I was a little bit concerned about the job duties listed in my job reference letter, which was signed by my advisor. I only listed my duties as a research assistant. My official title was 'Graduate assistant' and I've got paid for 5 years. I did TA work for one semester but the course that I did my TA was not taught by my advisor so that's why I didn't include my TA work duties in my letter. Is it ok to claim NOC 4012 for solely based on RA duties? If my letter doesn't work, can I resubmit it by sending a webform? The duties listed in my letter are as follows:

He conducted experimental studies, simulations, and literature inquiries on polymeric-based hydrogel biomaterials. These duties included data analysis and dissemination.
• He used various experimental techniques to examine the properties of hydrogel-based biomaterials.
• He actively participated in weekly discussions with me in project status meetings.
• He collaborated with other members to address issues related more broadly to hydrogel-based biomaterials understudy in my lab.
• He supported me in writing and editing research articles on hydrogel-based biomaterials.
• He assisted in writing project proposals and the preparation of project results presentations to the broader national and international biomaterials community.



May 12, 2020
I think it should be ok. I only have TA duties for 4012, and my eligibility is “recommend passed” now.