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NOC 2171 IT Consultant Duties

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Applebite, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Hi All

    Need urgent help

    Is its necessary to have Computer science degree to qualify for 2171 NOC code ? I have B.Tech degree in Chemical Engg but have more than 10 years of experience as SAP consultant .

    Please advise

  2. Not important. It's confusing but I'm in a similar situation and did my research.. dont wprry ant ur degree.. ur job expereince matters
  3. Hi all,

    Reference Letter: Question - Digital Signature.

    We have managed to get one that is system generated and digitally signed. It has all the key information such as -Employed since, full name and emp. ID, no. of hours/week, current designation, current responsibilities - all of this on letter head having company's address and contact mentioning date and ref. letter number.

    2 queries -
    1. It has digital signature - which means I can't combine the pdf with others if I need to upload some other document eg. salary slips/compensation letter etc. How do I sort this ?

    2. Since it a standard letter generated by system, the reason for getting it is provided as higher studies which is mentioned at the end of letter. Well, this is an extra and irrelevant line in the letter - will this be a problem ?

    Through this we have been able to avoid all HRs and other unwanted things.

    Should I do something else instead ?

    Please advice and thanks !
  4. Hi All, can you please let me know does below responsibilities fall into 2171?

    · Contribution in developing automation framework tool in python/Shell for system/regression/performance and measurement testing.

    · Involved in static analysis, dynamic analysis & security analysis of products/applications, Setting up software on IoT Cloud and its administration.

    · Contribution in integration of data analytics smart solution suites with private cloud framework of an enterprise.

    · Involved in setting up hybrid cloud delivery model allowing for customers to choose the mix of public and private clouds to meet their individual needs.

    · Contribution in Android app development and testing.

    · Contribution in all phases of quality assurance—effort estimation, testing, debugging, impact analysis, risks and mitigation, support and deployment.

    · Technical discussions with customer for discussing requirements, identifying and reporting the software Problems(defect), features, project status & release plans.

    · Contribution in requirement analysis, designing inputs during product development phase.

    · Contribution in creating, modifying and reviewing technical documentation (Requirements, Design, Test-plan).

    · Implementing quality practices - Reviews, Quality audits, defining best practices, process compliance, etc. to ensure that all project SLAs/metrics are met.

    · Ramping up skilled software Testers/automation engineers, building the competency of team members, counselling.
  5. Hi ,

    Is there anybody who is Oracle/ms sql database administrator DBA and has applied under 2171 cose, ideally 2172 is for database administrator but on my offer letter they have mentioned as system analyst and current designation is Associate consultant...any guidance here.

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