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no stamp on recent exit to canada

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by loida86, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. hello,

    was going through my documents and found out that my old passport has no exit stamp when i went for vacation last November. I only have an arrival stamped in the Philippines. Will this be a problem, because CIC requires most recent entry and exit stamps on passport? What should I do? Help pls? Thanks
  2. Canada does not stamp passport when you leave, only when you enter. You can show your arrival stamp in the Philippines.
  3. job-seeker! you gave me big relief!! thanks a lot! Speaking of entry stamp, muntik na akong hindi rin malagyan ng stamp when i went back here. Nakaalis na ako sa window ng immigration officer, and upon transferring my luggages sa conveyor, i thought i should checked my passport, and there i found out that the officer did not stamp my passport. I couldnt go back to the same window, so I asked a fellow filipino who is working there and he showed me the other immigration office. And there I asked them to put an entry stamp, the officer said sometimes they forgot to do that. So for those who are going to have a vacation, check your passports, kasi like us na mag-aapply for PR, we need that recent entry stamp.

    Thanks a bunch again job-seeker!!
  4. hi. Im from Manila too. I went to Canada (first time) last December 2009 for 2 weeks of vacation. My existing visa is a travel visa. yes, I have the same experience as you. The immigration officer didn't stamp my passport when I left canada so I got worried too when I saw my passport when I got home.
  5. The stamp on arrival in Manila would be your proof that you left Canada. Canada does not stamp departure dates.

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