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Nigerian Applicants for MPNP 2014 timelines....abeg!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by theoese, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Many thanks....
  2. Thanks Maikudi
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    Sup Helensteve, DNA testing isnt part of the examinations required by CIC but you can safe urslf from any future stress by doing the right thing. why not get the father to sign a statutory declaration form except if you have indicated in the generic form earlier that u were never married before. whichever way, best of luck to us all!
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  4. Thanks for your response, don't you think that if I had indicated in the generic form that I was once married, it would have required divorced papers or something, we were never married though so there was no need of indicating that.
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  5. Welcome YemyemA...
    Maikudi is right...as long as your child is assessed with mild autism and his or her care will not cost the province too much money then it will not be a problem...you can also add proof of the child's school progress like reports and get the school to do a signed and stamped recommendation letter that the child is doing well at school. This is because they know children with mild cases who are doing great at school can thrive and do very well.
    It will all end in praise for you . Amen
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  6. Hi I just moved from Bangladesh to Winnipeg. I have my SIN card, health card, bank account, Void Check, Pr card. And I am actively looking for job. Which bank or credit union or retail store is the easiest to get a credit card?
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  7. Yeah Fastener, I remember you. Congratulations. Thank God everything went well. Have a pleasant relocation.
  8. Congratulations Fastener!
  9. Hello everyone!
    am new here and i have been following the thread. pls could u add me to the wats app group? Thank u.
    Wishing everyone all the best.
  10. Pls do u know of anyone that did their medicals at IOM in GRA, Ikeja? i would like to know how quick they are at sending medical results to cic. Thank u.
  11. IOM GRA Ikeja is damn too expensive. 40K for adults. Better to use Children's Practice, you will get result by the 3rd Day Max

    QUOTE="biddy J, post: 6316337, member: 695238"]Pls do u know of anyone that did their medicals at IOM in GRA, Ikeja? i would like to know how quick they are at sending medical results to cic. Thank u.[/QUOTE]
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  12. Amen!
  13. [/QUOTE]

    Thank u Mascot, for the quick response! Was only considering IOM cos of easy accessibility. Will definitely rethink that option!
  14. Hi everyone,
    There's this site that provides information about settling down in Canada. It is http://immigrantcircle.com. Can landed Manitoba immigrants connect there and help new immigrants settle faster. They have a forum that is still new so we can it as an avenue to help each other. As new immigrants, we need all the support we can get.
  15. Congratulations to all who have received PPR!

    Since you are settling in Manitoba, I would like to invite you to receive pre-arrival services at the Immigrant Centre Pre-Arrival Centre. It is one of the 24 IRCC-approved pre-arrival services in Canada, but it is also the only one exclusive to Manitoba and also the only one in the province who provides both employment information and settlement orientation. One of the facilitators at the Immigrant Centre Pre-Arrival Centre is from Nigeria and will be able to give you one-on-one help and a personalized settlement plan. To sign up, go to www.ic-pac.com or email pre-arrival@ic-pac.com.

    It is recommended to receive pre-arrival services as soon as possible, and IRCC recommends signing up for more than one service to benefit to the maximum from these services.

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