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New York VAC passport return time

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Bluemoon65, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    Anyone has recently submitted passport to the New York VAC? My passport was received on Nov. 13 through mail for VISA stamp and I yet hear anything since then. The customer service number, +18882964511, was not working either. I sent an email to info.canny@vfshelpline.com on Nov. 20, asking the status of my application, no response so far. Does anyone know what's going on with the New York VAC or why the customer service number doesn't work? Thanks!
  2. I am on the same boat sent passports to New York New VAC office , package received on 9th Nov as per carrier tracking , No tracking number generated yet .
    Called Vac multiple times no proper answer other than busy period or sent an email.
    Tried sending email still no replies.
  3. My passport was also delivered by USPS on the same day!!! NO any response until now, and I chat, call and write to the service center but there is no useful information. I don`t know why they are so sluggish, maybe due to the cheaper processing fee. Keep updated if you have received any information, thanks.
  4. Passport sent to VSC New York : Nov 27, 2018
    Passport received by VSC New York : Nov 28, 2018

    Talked to VSC through chat service on Nov 29th and they told it might take upto 2 weeks for tracking number as there are lot of applications to process.
  6. Same I also received tracking ID today but no records found.
    Additionally, I received this email from VFS notifying that Visa application has been dispatched to the IRCC Office:

    Dear ARUSHI,

    Visa application, tracking ID No.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been dispatched to the IRCC Office, on YYYY-12-DD 01:12: SS GMT Standard Time for processing. Please note this is an auto-generated e.mail. Please do NOT reply to this email.

    VFS Global
  7. Guys, can you tell me how many days it took for VFS to response with the email/tracking number once your docs were delivered to them?
  8. Mine is 12 business days
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  9. Any update on your application guys?
  10. Finally received the passport today!
  11. So, 12 days to get Tracking number and another 5 days to receive passport right? And did you use the UPS service for shipment?
  12. Yep, I used the USPS.
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  13. UPDATE: My passport delivered at the New York VAC on 11/13/2018. A tracking ID was received on 11/28/2018. No further update since then. I noticed that people whose passport delivered on the same day (11/13) or later (11/19) have received their passport back already. I'm now concerned that my passport was lost during the transition process. Anyone has the same situation or it is just me? Thanks.
  14. I don't think it's lost if you got the tracking ID. The best option is to go to New York office or ask someone who is there to go and ask them.
  15. Just double checked my status. It just shows "Visa application, tracking ID No. has been dispatched to the IRCC Office, on 2018/11/28 for processing. " But it does not say the IRCC Office has received the passport. My friend's status is "The IRCC Office has received your passport and it is under processing now." Anyone knows the difference between these two status? Thanks.

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