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New visitor visa when only one is still Valid

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Alica, May 9, 2018.

  1. Hello Everyone

    need some advise from you guys . I am applying for a new visitor visa for my dad which has recently expired and would like to apply for a visa for my mum as well. The problem is my mother Canadian visit visa is valid till end of August 2018 but they intend to travel in early September 2018 . Would applying 4 months early before the expiry of my mum visa have any problem for her or would CIC cancel the old visa and issue a new one instead keeping in mind her travel intentions to Canada in September alongside with my Dad.

    Thankyou everyone
  2. Perhaps they should apply mid or end-June to minimize the risks in your mom's case
  3. Thankyou Bryanana .

    The thing is my mum needs to travel to UK in the last week of June and would be returning mid August and then travel to Canada hence the time issue . Do you think there are chances of rejection if she applies now .

    Secondly don't you think the chances of approval are higher if they apply together considering they have had visas 4-5 times in the past and valid U.K. And US visas ?

    Lastly if only dad applied for the viist visa now as and the letter of invitation have both their names would create a problem ?

  4. There's always some risk of a refusal if she applies some months in advance.

    Each application is assessed for its own merits. That said, previous short-stay travel to the US and the UK would help.

    You can invite them separately.

    Back to your mom's application:
    She can apply mid/end June shortly before she leaves her home country. I recommend an online application. She can then submit her passport to VFS/VAC in London when she gets a passport request
  5. Thankyou Bryanna,

    So my understanding is :

    If both wana apply together as my dad would be the primary sponsor they should wait till June before they apply and write a cover letter as well mentioning that's my mum applying early as she needs to travel on the dates after her visa expires.
    If we could with this approach and we apply online can my dad send his passport to the VAC office from his home country while my mum sends her passport from the UK office ?
    If both are applying together

    Or Second option
    Get a new invitation letter for my dad and apply his visa
    Then wait for expiry of my mum visa and do all the paperwork again and apply for hers with my dad bank statement documents etc .

    PS : Has their been any case in your knowledge that visa has been approved 3-3.5 months in advance if old one wasn't issued.

  6. Lastly do you know how long is the invitation letter valid for if the host has not mentioned the dates my parents would wana travel to Canada for ?
  7. That's one solution.


    This is a second solution.

    Yes, with a Letter of Financial Support, your dad's bank statements etc etc

    I cannot recollect any similar case
  8. Invitation letters are not binding on the host. Rather than think about the "validity" of the invitation letter, it is the intended visit dates of the visit that are relevant
  9. Thankyou Bryanna . I have taken your advice and have decided to apply for my dad visa only for the time being .
    I just wanted to know i would be showing his previous Canadain visas/US Valid & expired Visas plus Valid Uk visas.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to show all visas (of other countries ) he applied in the last 10 years but has not visited some of them or would that go in the negative .

  10. Your dad can also indicate your mom as the family tie to return to. I wouldn't mention about your mom's visit to the UK next month in your dad's application.

    It is a good idea to prepare a Travel History explanation.... and give the details of all visas issued regardless of whether he traveled on the visa or not + travel on the visas.... in chronological sequence for the last 10 years i.e. visa details + entry/exit dates for each visit + purpose of each visit.

    Also, color scan any valid US, UK, etc visas and include them in this explanation.

    What passport does your dad hold? You may want to consider applying under the CAN+ program for expedited processing if his passport allows it
  11. My dad does not hold a passport thats valid for the CAN + program unfortunately . I have prepared a sample letter of explanation for the visa officer and would love to have ur feedback to it . I have not mentioned anything about my mum as such as i believe when they see the family information form and his previous traveling they shouldn't really be concerned about him returning or not. However if you deem necessary please advice if i should add or deduct anything from his application .

    Please note the letter of invitation was from his friend like he usually sends .
  12. Dated :


    The Visa Officer,

    Canadian High Commission.

    Sub : Request for Visitor Visa

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I, XXX would like to request you to please grant me temporary resident visa to visit Canada to visit my friend XXX and my real daughter XXX . I plan to travel on 2nd of August 2018 and stay until 22nd August 2018. During my stay in Canada I intend to visit/stay in two major cities i.e. Vancouver and Toronto. I would reside with my friend XXX at his residence : XXX in Vancouver and with my real daughter XXX at her residence : XXX while in Toronto .

    I have attached my previous expired Canadian visitor visas with entrance and exit stamps to substantiate that I have never overstayed my stay previously in Canada as well as my bank statement/other financial documents as evidence that I have the funds to sponsor my trip. Moreover I have also attached Property documents under my name as well as my past ten years traveling history with valid USA & UK visitor visas and expired visas of other countries for your perusal.

    I request you to please consider my application for a temporary residence visa and please feel free to contact me if you need any further documentations or information to further strengthen my request for a temporary residence visa.

    Enclosed are the following documents for your perusal :

    Mention all documents that my dad attaching with valid US and Uk visas
  13. References:
    a. UCI Number:
    b. Previous Temporary Resident Visa Number:

    Applicant information:
    Date of birth:
    Passport details:
    Relationship to Host-1:
    Relationship to Host-2:

    Host-1 information:
    Date of birth:
    Passport details:

    Host-2 information:
    Date of birth:
    Passport details:

    I had previously been granted a Temporary Resident Visa/TRV, and I had traveled to Canada XX times on this visa:
    Visit 1: From XX date to XX date
    Visit 2: From XX date to XX date

    Replace the words:
    1. "reside" with "visit my friend"
    2. "real daughter" with "daughter"

    This cover letter is set in these sections:
    Section 1: Purpose of my visit: (Reference the day-by-day itinerary with expense estimates)

    Section 2: Funds available for my visit

    Section 3: Strong ties to my country of residence (property ownership + employment + family ties + financial situation, etc)

    Section 4: My Travel History (tabular format: Visa details + entry/exit dates + purpose of each visit) + color scan the valid visas and specifically mention them

    Section 4: Why I must return to my country of residence by XX date

    Do provide the facts/details in point format. No long sentences. Cross-reference evidence.

    This paragraph will become redundant after the sections are included.

    My Host-1 has provided the following documents:
    GHI etc etc

    My Host-2 has provided the following documents:
    GHI etc etc

    Standard closing paragraphs. Short statement to say your dad will adhere to the conditions attached to the TRV issued to him (and he has adhered to these conditions during his previous visits to other countries, specifically to Canada)
  14. @Bryanna. I'm kinda in the same situation for my dad. His current visa expires in Jul 2018. Would it be advisable to apply for a new visa in Jun 2018? I'm not feeling very confident if it will be approved because alot has changed from the previous application and he never did use his visa to visit Canada.

    Any advise would be much appreciated!
  15. No problem if he did not travel on the current/soon-to-expire TRV. Travel plans can change.

    Sure, he can apply for a new visa next month
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