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NEW Thread for ACCRA Visa Office - Spousal Sponsorship Stream

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by maki22, Jul 29, 2018.

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  2. Checklist for VFS Centre - this is just an outline of what they may require

    Depending on what is stated on the passport request you receive as each one varies from case to case, the following are items you most likely need to submit to a VFS Centre once your passport request comes in:

    ✅PPR letter and original passport
    ✅Eye and height form
    ✅2 passport photos
    ✅2 photocopies of biodata page (coloured or black and white)
    ✅VFS consent form
    ✅Fees per applicant

    Also these following items are also sometimes required:

    - an updated family information form if changes to composition of family (if not provided may delay issuance of visa)

    - updated police clearance and or a new medical report (if noted on PPR to be provided)
  3. Notice: The Accra Visa Office will be closed for Canada Labour Day holiday on Monday, September 3, 2018
  4. Pls I need ur advice on what to do or send to them:
    I receive a mail today from avo which demand additional documents on common law relationship which I don't have any previous history on common law
    Thank u
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    Can you share your timeline with us? What is the date your application was acknowledged to have been received by Accra visa office?

    We do not provide advice but can provide suggestions. In this situation it may be best to hire a professional to make sure your application is successful. If you don't provide satisfactory proof to AVO your application can be rejected.

    What you have received is an additional document request also called procedural fairness letter sent by AVO when they are not satisfied with the information provided with the application that you have filed regarding the genuineness of your relationship. They are now giving you a chance to prove the genuineness of your relationship before they finalize your file. You have to send whatever they have requested as soon as possible.

    Please visit the IRCC link to review what information and documents they want to see:


    "Items that can be used as proof of a common-law relationship include:
    • shared ownership of residential property
    • joint leases or rental agreements
    • bills for shared utility accounts, such as:
      • gas
      • electricity
      • telephone
      • joint utility accounts
    • important documents for both of you showing the same address, such as:
      • driver’s licenses
      • insurance policies
    • identification documents
    You don’t need to include all these items to prove your relationship is real. We may consider other proof as well. Use the document checklist to find out what to submit with your application."

    Please review following link to see how IRCC assesses relationships and what information and documents they want to see:


    Procedural fairness:


    You should also post your question in the other thread for Accra Visa spousal sponsorship applicants to see if anyone has had such a request:


    Usually we have seen mostly married couples with inquiries on these two forums.

    You can check this article as well:


    Wishing you best!
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    We read your post on the other thread.

    Sorry you didn't clarify in your question there that they were asking about an actual "previous" common law relationship. We thought it was a typo.

    What that means is that on your application you have indicated that you had a previous common law relationship and that you didn't provide them with details or answered questions pertaining to such on the application.

    They are requesting details of that relationship before they can proceed. As noted they have sent you a procedural fairness letter.

    If that was an error you made then that means you have to write them a letter explaining that indeed it was an error you made on the application, and that is called a letter of explanation, and stating that you did not have a previous common law relationship.

    If it was not an error you made, then you have to give them details such as name of person, and duration of relationship when it started and when it ended, etc. and answer whatever questions pertaining to such relationship were noted on the application in the first place.

    What is your timeline - when did you receive your AOR please?
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  9. IRCC News Release - August 13, 2018

    Canada’s immigration system continues to innovate and deliver better service

    "In addition, we reduced the spousal sponsorship inventory from a high of 75,000 to 15,000 as of December 31, 2017, and are processing new spousal sponsorship applications within 12 months."
  10. According to IRCC web page updated on August 31, 2018 only 80 per cent of all applications were finalized in 15 months, not 12 months.


    Performance results
    "From April 2017 to March 2018, the service standard of 12 months was met 73% of the time. 80% of all applications were processed in 15 months. 80% of applications received since December 2016 were processed in less than 12 months. Further reductions are expected as applications from before December 2016 are finalized."
  11. I applied for visitor's visa on 26th July, normal processing time has passed.. No update.. Anyone here applied in July and has received visa..?
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    Sorry to hear about your situation and the delay. We only deal with spousal sponsorship applications on this thread so we won't be of much help when it comes to visitor visas however the common denominator is delays with respect to mandated processing times for applications sent to the AVO. It takes longer to hear back from them it seems for all the immigration streams unfortunately. We have to wait for over 12 months separated from our spouses and children, instead of having our files resolved within 12 months.

    When the mandated processing time has passed you can then send an email to them and ask for an update to accra.immigration@international.gc.ca or via IRCC webform.

    Wishing you a quick resolution to your file soon.
  13. OK.. T
    OK thanks..
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