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New PR confirmation portal



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Mar 11, 2017

I applied for PGP 2019 and I see decision made for parents’ PR application. They are in Canada. So i am expectingto receive an email for the online portal. I am parents’ rep since the beginning. I have provided only my email address even in parents’ contact. I have few questions:

1). If I receive email for parents’, Can I reply on behalf of them? (As i was reading for this portal reps can’t act oh your behalf)
Or should I forward that email to parents and then have them reply to it (they will still need my help to reply from their email, as they are not very familiar with technical things).

2). Can i also help them with the PR portal once they receive it? They won’t be able to do it without help, i can have them sitting next to me and i can ask them and then they can click on the things like currently in Canada etc.

Please advise!


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Jun 8, 2021
I finally got my PR card today in the mail!

Just a note, on the portal it still says my photo is still "In review with IRCC". It didnt say that my PR card was mailed etc so I wasn't expecting the card to arrive. It was a pleasant surprise :)
Since september
did it change after receiving the card? Like after receiving the card did your gckey change to mailed and approved?

Arjun Singh Rawat

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Feb 1, 2018
My photo got rejected on PR portal on 24th of October and I resubmitted my photo on the same day. Still wait for COPR. Any Idea how much time till will take?

karandip singh

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Jun 9, 2017
Hello everyone,
I just got my first email for sending the details to IRCC and I am a CAN-USA trucker and I cross border everyday and I get few questions If anyone can reply:-
1. Will crossing land border be considered as my last entry to canada?
2. Can I still cross border with my work permit after receiving E-COPR?
Brother , what to reply for last entry to canada . I drive to truck to US too. Is last land border crossing considered last entry?